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The book has its own face as Jade.
As a professional software engineer, you should need some professional and classic books.

From the upper layer to the bottom layer, I recommend some books that I have read that are more classic to my brothers.

. C

. C
Primer plus

. C Programming Language

. C and pointer

. C expert Programming

. C traps and Defects

. C/C ++ high quality programming guide

. Programming ideas

. In-depth understanding of computer systems

. Link
& Loader

. Compilation principles (mechanical Publishing House)

. In-depth introduction to design patterns

. Code Daquan


. C ++

. C ++
Primer plus



. Data Structure

. Linked List


. Binary Tree

. Red/black tree


. System Programming

Advanced Programming in UNIX environment

Linux System Programming


. Network Programming

UNIX Network Programming

TCP/IP details


. Arm

Full manual for Embedded Linux Application Development

ARM architecture and Programming

Arm System Design and Optimization

See MIPS run

Arm manul


. Linux Device Driver

Linux Device Driver
3rd Wei Yongming

Linux device driver development details
Song Baohua

Linux Device Driver Application Development

Proficient in Linux Device Drivers


. Linux Kernel

+ Scenario Analysis + rtfc <read
The fucking code>)

Linux kernel design and implementation Chen Lijun

Deep understanding of Linux kernel
3rd Chen Lijun

Situational Analysis Mao decao

Modern operating system or
Operating System Design and Implementation minx


P.s: there is an important difference between reading computer books and other books. Remember that the theory in all books comes from code and program running, and it will never be higher than this. So when reading a computer book, it is best to have a computer in your hands and work on the code.


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