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With the development of China's routing industry, VPN routers are also widely used. Here we mainly recommend a cost-effective enterprise-level Linksys VPN Router, linksys's network device products have a good reputation among users. Small and medium-sized enterprises pay great attention to the product cost-effectiveness when purchasing VPN Router products.

Linksys's 6-port 10/100 Mbps VPN Router for RV016-CN is a product for small and medium enterprise users to achieve Internet sharing among multiple computers. It comes with two standard Internet interfaces that allow the Second Internet connection as a backup link to ensure that the Internet connection is not interrupted. Alternatively, you can use two Internet interfaces to balance the load to maximize bandwidth efficiency. Its VPN function can establish an encrypted tunnel over the Internet, supporting up to 50 remote offices or mobile users to Securely connect to your office network. Users connected to the office network through a VPN tunnel can securely access all resources of the file server, email server, and LAN, just as if they were in the office. You can also allow users in your small office to Securely connect to the company network through VPN.

The 16-port 10/100 Mbps VPN Router can be used as a DHCP server, as well as a powerful SPI firewall to protect your machine from intrusion and many unknown Internet attacks. It can also set a filter to restrict LAN users to access the Internet, and filter the machines that have the right to access the network by IP address. The configuration is completed through a WEB browser. As the core of your small office network, the Linksys 16 port 10/100 Mbps VPN Router provides you with a reliable solution to meet your business needs.

Provides high-reliability Internet Connection Sharing for small business applications. Up to 7 Internet interfaces provide redundant connections and support load balancing. Up to 50 remote office or mobile users can Securely connect to your office network through VPN. Advanced SPI firewall protects your computer from unknown attacks from the Internet. If you are interested in purchasing or want to learn more, you can consult the cisco linksys Heilongjiang agency chengzhida technology.

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