Record the pits that HYPERIC-HQ build the development environment encounters

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This week, a new task was received: solving the bug that HQ (a Java-developed open-source operational monitoring platform) now encounters with SNMP upgrades to 3.0. The company's HQ is version 4.6. So, after I clone the project from Gitlab, I started my pits journey. Pit for a few days, to the present, the normal situation, there should be only the last pit, should be about the tomcat operating environment. Gossip does not say much, start pits journey ...

Project maven Build Pit:

    • The MAVEN version must be 2. x version, 3.X version of Maven, is definitely not build successful
    • After switching to the 2.2 version of MAVEN, running MVN clean Install is also a compilation failure, and after various attempts, the final commands to compile are:
      Clean Compile Install-dmaven.javadoc.skip=true-dci-build-dall-installers-dmaven.test.skip=true-e

      Explain, with Maven.javadoc.skip=true is because of the comments in the project, too much is not in line with the Javadoc specification, so if the compilation Javadoc, there will be a push warning, and then compile failed.

    • Because the above does not compile Javadoc's sake, so in the project agent, to the HQ-PDK project of the Javadoc dependency to remove, otherwise this project will compile failed, I put the revised file comparison:



    • I do not know why, in the project compile time, Hq-pdk/src/main/java/org/hyperic/hq/product/validation/ This class will always report an exception, Say the code exception appears in 185 lines, is unable to find the Apache log4j of a class method, so I gave it to comment, this piece is not reported abnormal.

    • Maybe I'm using idea or I'm using the MAVEN library in the company intranet. The Maven-eclipse-plugin plugin in the pom file of the project Hq-rendit also compiles, so I'm going to comment on it as well:

    • In the Hq-server project Pom file, I added a plugin:
<plugin><groupid>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupid><artifactid>maven-compiler-plugin </artifactid><configuration><source>1.6</source><target>1.6</target></ Configuration></plugin>

OK, so far, the Maven build pit I've met is basically pretty much the same. After the above transformation, my HQ project was able to install successfully. However, after the successful installation, the local run Hq-web project, encountered the pit, deep pit, more difficult than the build process, here I also record, with June encouragement.

PS: Because I temporary a little thing, first publish above these, back up the pit of running project

Record the pits that HYPERIC-HQ build the development environment encounters

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