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In modern office life more and more people make wireless network, but a lot of people's wireless network security do not do enough, often encounter wireless network password is stolen situation, that is, we often say that the rub net, there are many malicious people even the wireless router password will be modified, then we should do?

One, in addition to a few manufacturers of wireless routers exist universal password or login to crack loopholes, if you have not previously saved the parameter profile, it is not possible to restore the password without saving the current settings parameters, and to be able to log on to the wireless router again, you must empty all previous configurations.

1, connect the power of the case will be wireless router in hand, view the equipment back panel. Generally speaking in the equipment behind the panel we will see a small hole, the top of the hole will be written similar to the word reset, this is the reset button, find a needle loaded (ordinary ballpoint pen can also) directly into the hole, and hold on for 30 seconds to 1 minutes after release.

2, the completion of the above operation we again connected to the wireless router can use the default password to log in, but the original parameter settings information will also disappear, the router back to the factory state, the default Administrator account information and password can be queried product specifications obtained.

Second, has the M1, the M2 lamp The router resets the method:

1. There is a small hole in the front/back panel of the router, there are words: Reset, turn off the power of the router, looking like the tip of the nib to hold the reset key, to the router to add electricity (still need to hold down the reset key), waiting for about 3-10 seconds, to M1 and M2 lights flashing three times after you can let go, reset success.

2, reset after the router will be restored to the factory settings, the default login IP is; The default username and password is admin/admin, please note that your computer's IP address is not in the 192.168.1.X (X 2--254) network segment.

Third, has the PWR, the SYS lamp the router resets the method:

1, disconnect the router power supply, with cutting-edge objects (such as NIB) hold down the reset button do not put, plug in the power (this process still need to hold down the reset key), when the SYS indicator lights flashing, release the reset button. The router is then restored to the factory state.

2, before the router is not fully started, can not turn off the power, otherwise, the configuration may not be restored to the factory default value. After reset, the router will revert to the factory setting, the default login IP is; The default username and password is admin/admin.

Four, the wireless router resets the method:

1, in the case of continuous electricity, please press the reset button 3 times in 5 seconds. After that, the router will reboot and the router will successfully revert to the factory setting after the reboot.

2, first turn off the power, and then hold down the Reset key, then turn on the power (this process still need to hold down the reset key), wait until the system lights flash three times after releasing the reset button, the router will revert to the factory defaults. Default Admin Address:, default username password: admin/admin;

Encounter the password has been modified, how to solve the problem, that is, we often say reset, after the reset, the router's original configuration is all empty, but also need to set up the router to be able to access the Internet.

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