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I believe everyone has a job experience and has read a lot of recruitment information. However, I do not know whether you have found a phenomenon of interest. Many companies share the same recruitment information. I admire the fact that they can play such a subtle role in search engines, two more copies, one original recruitment information.

There are many other things that are quite vulgar. I would like to invite you to calculate the vulgar recruitment information, and how the employees who are not doing well in their studies are recruited, how likely are they to find the right talent?

I had a very good time this year and had nothing special to do. I just learned something from a martial arts secret before the new year, so I had a sense of accomplishment, years later, we were quite happy.

Sorry, everybody, I can't help but brag. It's really a sin.


Well, let's take a look at the recruitment information. I have extracted an important part.

This recruitment information has some meanings. First of all, it is hard to understand "proficient in C/C ++ language". I wonder if you are familiar with C ++? Are you good enough? I am so stupid. I don't understand. How can c ++ be proficient? I don't know if the author of <C ++ printer> is proficient.

"Positive development, good at learning ......" Do you want to say "all-round development of morality, wisdom, and body" or "three good students "?


Let's look at another one.

It's also the word "proficient", which will definitely increase your happiness. Moreover, this company is so powerful that it feels like it is doing everything. It is estimated that it can be competent for this professional, and it should understand everything, but nothing can be done.


Below, we should recruit entry-level programmers.

What "Love the software industry "? It is better to say "Love labor. Besides, how does this eldest brother not check the recruitment information carefully before publishing it? Shouldn't you watch the girl while typing?



Do you have to join us, respect your teacher, study hard, and make up on day?



"No winform control experience" seems that even the control won't be used is also well-founded. "O & M Experience" is a new term.



In praise, how many companies can accept fresh graduates as they do? It is quite good, and you can apply for a job as long as the basic course is not tied to a subject.



Is this about recruiting experts or special logistics engineers?



It seems that non-computer professionals can only rely on the edge, oh, windoww is a new operating system developed by which company?



If you talk so much nonsense, you should simply say, "Hello world is preferred ".



It's good to get a higher salary for such a simple job.



The design and development skills are amazing. I am afraid to apply for them.




I did not dare to go to your company for an interview after ten years of writing. After fifty years, I will be proficient in C ++.


I don't know what you think after reading the above 12 non-typical cases? It's no wonder that it's so difficult to find a job. I had to learn everything, and I still had to be proficient! There are still some innovative recruitment information. As a result, when we look at the company, there are still innovations, all of which are TMD old antiques, and the boss of the company is old and old, or boss for short. Such a company is still using innovative things that were outdated hundreds of years ago.

Therefore, I would like to have better recruitment information. Don't talk about those P-words, empty talk. The job requirements should be as detailed as possible. Don't always Baidu, copy and paste them. Do not always list 1, 2, and 3. They are all just one or two blank sayings. Don't say "proficient" without moving. If you want to find someone proficient in XXX, dream of it.




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