Red Gate Series 6 SQL test edition SQL test tool full cracking + tutorial

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Red Gate Series 6 SQL test edition SQL test tool full cracking + tutorial

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Red Gate Series 6 SQL test edition SQL test tool full cracking + tutorial

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1. Tutorial

SQL test is a user interface provided by tsqlt, an open-source unit testing framework for SQL Server. Tsqlt allows us to use T-SQL to create test cases. These test cases are aggregated into the test class, which is the special schema used by the test framework. Testers can use tsqlt to create virtual tables and views, fill in test data, and compare actual results with expected results. (ALL tests are executed in transactions, which makes cleanup easier .) Tsqlt also supports continuous integration tools such as team Foundation server and cruisecontrol, facilitating agile development.
SQL test provides a graphical interface for tsqlt. Using the SQL test window, you can easily create test classes, view existing unit tests, execute these tests, and view the results on the SSMs dock panel.
SQL test is compatible with SQL Server 2005 or a later version and has a sample database with a predefined unit test. You can get more information from the red gate website.


SQL test is a unit test plug-in added to SQL Server Management studio.

SQL test helps you write and run unit tests.

SQL test can help you discover defects in the early stages of the development cycle and continuous integration, agile development and test-driven development can achieve the goal.

Easily write tests
    • The T-SQL in SQL Server Management StudioCodeTest
    • Name and classification test
    • Compile important tests in your development environment

Run the test and obtain the result.
    • Run tests with a single click
    • At the same time, choose to run one or more tests.
    • View the failed test and read messages in the result and find the solution.


Edit Test
    • Easily edit and test in SQL Server Management Studio
    • UseSQL prompt accelerates Encoding

Share with your team
    • CheckSource codeControl Test
    • Provide testing to the entire team
    • Use SQL test inShare in SQL source control
Ii. Cracking tutorial
Open SQL Server -- tool -- SQL Test

At the bottom of the SQL test window, click Help -- serial number -- Enter serial number

Open keygen to obtain the serial number and copy it to the activate SQL test window (disconnect the network before registering)

Click Activate registration. After a while, the system will prompt that the remote name cannot be resolved: 'licensing '(disconnect the network before registering)

Click Activate manually (register offline) (disconnect the network before registering)
Copy 1 to 2, and then copy 3 to 4.

Click Finish to complete registration.

Click Help -- about SQL test to view the registration status
You will find that although there is no time limit, the serial number at your registration is not displayed.

I don't know what it is.
However, you can view the serial number in the help -- deactivate serial numbers window.
So you don't need to worry about this problem.

Red Gate SQL test edition download:

Red Gate SQL test edition keygen registration machine (RAR format) download:Http://

The red gate series are not complete and will be resumed.

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