RedHat 5.3 configuration yum: Update software from CentOS 5 source and CD source

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Yum, as the name suggests, yellow Dog Updater, Modified. Yum has done the same work for RPM systems. It provides a simple command to automate the installation or updating of a software package, similar to the Apt-get tool under Debian, after installing and updating any other necessary packages first to meet the required package dependencies.

Characteristics of Yum:

Multiple resource pools can be configured at the same time (Repository)

Concise configuration file (/etc/yum.conf

automatically resolves the dependency problems encountered when adding or removing RPM packages

Easy to use

Maintain consistency with the RPM database

RHEL AS5 can upgrade the system's functionality through Yum, but the default Rhel-debuginfo.repo setting is to upgrade the system from Redhat yum Source, if you do not purchase Redhat services, REDHAT5 later version upgrade is charged, need key to upgrade, The use of Yum is not upgradeable. Fortunately, because CentOS is a free enterprise version, you can use the CentOS Yum source to update the Rhel AS5 system.

Configure Yum to update software from CENTOS5 source

[Root@clinet ~]# rpm--import

Install the GPG, you can also add other resource pool, you choose a close to their own geographical point

[Root@clinet ~]# Rpm-qa gpg-pubkey*

Check GPG Key


If you want to delete key, use the following command:

[Root@clinet ~]# rpm-e gpg-pubkey-e8562897-459f07a4

[Root@clinet ~]# Vi/etc/yum.repos.d/rhel-debuginfo.repo


name=red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever-$basearch-debug


BaseURL is your yum source address.


Whether to enable this warehouse, 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled


Setting gpgcheck=1 will let yum check the GNUPG signature of each downloaded RPM. This is done because you need the appropriate GNUPG key to register with your RPM database. Can prevent being deceived, such as: illegal intrusion release website, Trojan import package, so that uninformed users download


Gpgkey Address of the store

This is the default, copy add the following update point to insert into the Rhel-debuginfo.repo text behind


name=red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever-base




name=red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever-updates




name=red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever-extras




name=red Hat Enterprise Linux $releasever-addons



[root@clinet ~] #yum Clean all erase cache and old packages

[Root@clinet ~]# yum install httpd test to update software

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