RedHat 7 Configuring NFS Services

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RedHat 7 NFS Service Although the configuration file and RedHat 6, but the service name has undergone a major change, this article describes the configuration process.

First create two directories under/data as a shared directory, a name called/data/nfsshare, will be configured to read and write, a name called/data/nfspublic, will be configured as read-only.

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Grant 777 permissions to the Nfsshare directory

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To edit an NFS profile:vi/etc/exports, fill in the following (where * represents all clients can access, RW is read-write, RO is read-only)

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"when no parameters are specified, sync,ro,root_squash,no_delay ip When the address is empty, it represents a shared service to any client. When you share the same directory with multiple clients, but you do not have the same permissions for each client, you can:

[Shared directory ] [ hostname 1 or IP1 ( parameter 1, parameter 2) ] [ host name 2 or IP2 ( parameter 3, parameter 4)]

[Email protected]~]# vi/etc/exports

/tmp * (Rw,no_root_squash,sync)

/home/public (Rw,sync) * (Ro,sync)

/home/test (Rw,sync)

the content is collected from the Internet and has not been tested "

RedHat 7 Service for NFS: mainly involving Rpcbind, Nfs-server, nfs-idmap three services

View Rpcbind Service service started:systemctl status Rpcbind, start it if not started

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Set up Nfs-server service boot automatically:systemctl enable Nfs-server

Start Nfs-server service:systemctl start Nfs-server

View Rpcbind Service service started:systemctl status Nfs-idmap, start it if not started

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View Shared Directories:showmount-e

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Reload configuration file:exportfs

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Linux Client Test mount shared directory:

Create a client mount point directory:Mkdir/tmp/nfs

Mount the Nfsshare on the server to/tmp/nfs:Mount

To view mount results:df-h

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Test write:touch/tmp/nfs/nfstest02.txt, write succeeded, the file can be seen in the/data/nfsshare directory

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Create a second client mount point directory:mkdir/tmp/nfspublic

Mount the nfspublic on the server to/tmp/nfspublic:


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Viewing shared directories that have been mounted

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The server's Nfspublic directory is also granted 777 permissions to test if the read-only setting of the NFS configuration file is valid, and you can see that the file was written with a failure, prompting Read-only file system

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If the client is asked to mount the NFS shared directory automatically, it is necessary to write mount information on the client's/etc/fstab file, such as

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RedHat 7 Configuring NFS Services

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