Redhat Data Mining R language software and installation of Rstudio-server service

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Installation time: August 25, 2015 22:55:35


Software: R, Rstudio-server

Environment: redhat6.2

Contact: [Email protected]

Today Daoteng an afternoon finally took care of the installation of the R environment, R due to the call of many Fortran libraries, installation of a little trouble, provide the installation script before the first hell Word

Yum Install *fortran*-y
Yum Install g++-y
Yum install glibc* gcc-c++-y
Yum Install readline*-y
Yum Install Libxt-devel-y
Yum Install java*-y
TAR-ZXF r-3.2.2.tar.gz
CD R-3.2.2
Make Cflags=-fpic
Make install
CP lib/libr*/usr/local/lib64/r/lib/
RPM-IVH rstudio-server-rhel-0.99.473-x86_64.rpm
Rstudio-server verify-installation
Iptables-a input-p tcp-dport 8787-j ACCEPT

Installation FAQs

1. Unable to install PDF

/usr/bin/install: Unable to get "news.pdf" File Status (STAT): No file or directory
/usr/bin/install: Unable to get "news.pdf" File Status (STAT): No file or directory
Make: * * [Install-sources2] Error 1

Workaround: This problem is due to the server minimized installation resulting in the inability to complete the PDF doc help, so remove the

Vim Doc/makefile

Change 18 or 19 lines to the following, i.e. remove News.pdf

Non_svn_instfiles = FAQ RESOURCES NEWS

#NEWS. pdf
Non_svn_instfiles = FAQ RESOURCES NEWS
#NEWS. pdf
# # # generated later.


August 25, 2015 23:28:33 Additional additions to the installation PDF failure

Redhat Data Mining R language software and installation of Rstudio-server service

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