Registered power supply and distribution linked price, how much is it for Guangxi enterprises to register for power supply and distribution at the beginning?

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Enterprise highly-paid companies are looking for registered power supply and distribution engineers. qualified companies are not limited to initial transfer and registration. Companies that have cooperated with each other make payment in a timely manner and are honest and reliable. After successful registration, the final payment will be paid in one lump sum.

At the same time, long-term recruitment of part-time certificates: mainly registered architects, registered architects, registered public equipment division (water supply and drainage, HVAC, power), registered electrical (power supply and distribution, power transmission and transformation) registered civil engineering Engineers (Port and Waterway Engineering, water conservancy and hydropower, geotechnical and Road Engineering) level 1 second-level construction engineer, supervision engineer, cost engineer, registered environmental engineer, registered EIA engineer, registered city planner, registered chemical engineer, registered Oil and Gas engineer, registered metallurgical engineer, registered mechanical engineer, qualified persons such as security reviewers are affiliated or full-time.

[Acquisition]: A variety of Construction Qualification enterprises with high debt and difficult operation, not limited to internal and external Provinces

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Xin Qi Information Consulting Co., Ltd., agent organization qualification upgrade! Contact me if the construction organization requires an engineer from the construction engineer.

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Registered power supply and distribution linked price, how much is it for Guangxi enterprises to register for power supply and distribution at the beginning?

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