Release the SLIC for the Dell poweredge 960 N Series

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My machine condition: the Dell poweredge 960 N series is pre-installed with Suse.

Modify Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 64-bit. Then start activating. But none of them are successful.

Pcskys_windows7loader_v3.27 cannot be changed. It was originally used in my Acer notebook.

It is useless to activate it with an all-around OEM.

SLIC cannot be extracted using slic_dump_tookit.


My machine is preinstalled with Linux, so it may be that the machine has blocked SLIC, so I tried to release the SLIC (software license internal code ).

Refer to the steps below to make the change successful Based on others' practices on the Internet:

1. Place the random disc (driver and diagnostic tool rev1.0.7 June 2009) and restart the F12 Optical Drive.
2. After Entering dos, go to the CSD/tools/BIOS directory on the CD.
3. pass: 12/31
4. Unplug the network cable and restart the machine. A series of characters will appear, and a prompt will be displayed. press Alt + F to restart the machine.

5. Change the BIOS settings when starting the system, and change the hard disk to ATA mode.

Restart the instance, right-click my computer, select properties, and click "activated" at the bottom of the page.

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