Remember the Moto 360 at Daming Lake? It's on sale!

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Now in smart hardware, Apple watch is brushing our screen day after day, do you still remember the Moto 360 at Daming Lake?

Moto 360 can be said to be born with a golden spoon, September 5, 2014 officially released, the hardware is pure Motorola pedigree, the software used Google specifically for the smart watch developed Android Wear operating system. Moto 360 is a noble in the bones, not long after the birth of the 14 best wearable mobile technology crown, but also by a lot of users sought after.

Moto 360 is now almost taken away from Apple Watch, and recently, from the Google store's official web site, the $249.99 ($ 1549) Moto 360 has dropped to $165, or 1023 yuan, to $500.

And we need to think about whether or not to take advantage of the price before a piece, to remember the Moto 360 in which areas have attracted our attention.

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Moto 360 This smart watch is beautifully designed and features a classic disc design that breaks down the design routine of a smart watch. From the configuration, Moto 360 has a 1.56-inch 320x290 Resolution screen (205PPI), and the screen glass is the Corning Gorilla 3. With TI moap 3 processor, Google Smart wearable system Android wear,4g storage space, 512M memory. This configuration belonged to the most advanced at the time.

In terms of function, Moto 360 is also in the smart watch function of the serious homogeneity of the market pattern, from the mediocrity of the appearance of an extraordinary.

  Search function

Users can ask questions about the Android Wear, such as the song being played, the current location, the latest game results, and the weather forecast. At the same time Moto 360 has certain intelligence, according to the scene push the user may need content, before the user asks can be displayed, such as when the user at the airport, flight information will pop up.

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All of this information is displayed on a white background screen where users can swipe through the watch surface and can click on the watch for more information. You can also swipe away when you don't need it. The user interface is familiar, similar to the familiarity of the Google Now user interface.

  Voice function

Moto 360 has a voice assistant function, the search function is mainly through the voice of the way, and other products using the Android Wear system, the device will also respond to "OK Google" voice commands. For example, "OK google,wake me up at 8 am." "It will automatically set the alarm.

Users can send text messages, write memos, etc. via voice assist. Users can also get email, missed calls, and schedule reminders via this watch.

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It is unclear how the Android Wear's recognition effect is in noisy locations, but the quality of the voice recognition products of Google's products is truly first-class.

  Location function

The location is clearly the key to Android Wear. For example, a user said "OK Google, toy store near." "The user will then get a search result for the nearby location. On the way to work, Android wear can guess how long it will take to reach its destination under current conditions. Each feature requires an interactive location data. We do not know whether the smartphone is sending its GPS data to the Android Wear device, or the watch has its own GPS system. It is speculated that as the hardware matures, the latter may be the case.

  Fitness features

The fitness feature is not the strength of Moto 360. Google fit can take steps and track your heart rate, and Motorola's heart rate activity app offers more personalization features. In addition, the device is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor that can be used to track the wearer's heart rate while exercising.

Although Moto 360 does have a certain fitness function, it is limited to cadence and heart rate tracking. Apple Watch, by contrast, is a bit more capable.

  Personalized Custom-made

Moto 360 includes a selection of silver, black and grey, as well as a variety of silver, black and grey belts. More importantly, Moto 360 uses the Motorola X smartphone's Custom mode, allowing the user to choose their favorite match.

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The user can customize the watch's hardware and appearance, make it customizable on the strap, the look of the watch, and customize the theme, color and layout of the watch depending on the appearance. Besides plastic, the watch material has metal, synthetic materials and so on.

  Short range is a problem.

As we all know, the life of a smart watch is a key indicator, as the range of endurance directly affects the user experience. And Moto 360 has a common problem with other smart watches: a short battery life. After testing, its built-in 320 mah battery if the reminder function fully open, less than a day will be left 20% of the power, and even if it does not even do anything to connect the phone, put a night off power 25%. Apple Watch, of course, only has a 18-hour battery life.

Nothing is perfect. Moto 360 is now slashing prices, and analysts believe the promotion could be a rush to buy people and get ready for Moto 3,602 's IPO. Now even on the internet has been a suspected Moto 3,602 spy photos, said Moto 3,602 generation will be in shape, configuration to do further optimization. Of course, an excellent geek product is what we are looking for, and we are wondering, does Moto 3,602 have any features beyond Apple Watch? It's worth looking forward to.

Remember the Moto 360 at Daming Lake? It's on sale!

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