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Network person remote control software launched the remote control industry's latest flagship version of remote monitoring, according to the survey, as a network of remote control of the new spokesperson, the flagship version of a popular consumer's pro-Lai. For the network of this flagship version of the remote control software, the following carried out a full range of evaluation, hope to be helpful to everyone.

Network people remote control is the leader of the domestic remote control industry, as the leader in the new era of remote control industry, the network is the only one of the national Ministry of Public Security product safety monitoring and the Ministry of Public Security software sales license, the entire remote control industry to improve the safety factor.

The network person remote control software uses the world advanced algorithm and the integration encryption technology, can easily penetrate the intranet, do not need to do port mapping, you can easily remote Desktop Connection, using the network of remote control software and hardware combination, you can achieve full hidden monitoring, remote boot, shutdown, remote control, fast upload download files, modify files, Voice text chat, remote open camera, and so on.

For remote control, the Internet People Desktop Connection software new Timing screen video function, can be called QQ Chat record Viewer green version. This screen video software can help you realize real-time QQ chat record viewing information, software support to the computer screen for automatic video recording, the computer screen changes the contents of a complete record, for monitoring computer operation Records, QQ chat records, Internet records. Software support automatic start-up background operation, widely used in parental supervision of children, corporate supervision of employees, school computer classrooms or Internet cafes computer monitoring and management.

Traditional computer switching machines are dependent on the mouse and keyboard, and can not be like a TV as remote control, it is worth mentioning that the network of remote controls to support remote switching function, using your smartphone or tablet computer through Multi-Touch mouse operation, only a little bit can realize the computer's switch machine, To a certain extent, to meet the needs of user remote operation.

Network Person Remote control official website to "user experience" as the center, to provide users with free download trial platform. Download Network people Remote control software security, the flagship version has passed the domestic know killing software, all through the 360, Jinshan Poison PA, Kaspersky Software, such as the Kill, is the consumer trustworthy products.

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