Remotesoft. Net explorer Simplified Chinese version released

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Dependency Walker is a very useful PE module dependency analysis tool provided in Microsoft Visual C ++.

Is there such a tool in. Net?


Remotesoft. NET Resource Manager is similar to dependency Walker generic Object Browser and professional msil Disassembly tool. It provides the same features as Microsoft disassembly tools, with metadata and PE format viewing. This tool can be used as a source code editor with a powerful syntax coloring system that recognizes many popular source files, including Il, C #, C/C ++, VB, ASP and Java, HTML format, Fortran language, PHP, etc.

1. discycler Disassembly

Remotesoft. Net Explorer can generate msil code and can be used as Microsoft ilasm assembly. Below is

2. View metadata viewer metadata

Remotesoft. Net browser has built-in for viewing. . Net metadata. Below is a screen

4, PE format Explorer

Remotesoft. Net browser has built-in support for viewing PE (portable executable files) formats.

Supports both managed and unmanaged Resources

5. Resource Viewer

Remotesoft. Net browser has built-in support for viewing managed resources. Managed resources can also be saved to a file.

6. Dependency Walker

Remotesoft. Net browser has a built-in view of all the Assembly dependencies, including hosting assembly/module references, support for unmanaged DLL and file references.

Chinese description

Simplified and unrelated components in Chinese language (such as decompiler, obfuscator, protector and linker Association)

This is the latest version from remotesoft. Net explorer. The version is 3.0.


No Original Version Required

System Requirements:

Resource editor running requires. NET Framework 2.0 (required by XP 2003 System)

Theoretically, the Simplified Chinese version has integrated the required DLL

If the program is still faulty, install

Visual c ++ 2005 redistributable package (Visual C ++ 2005 Runtime Library)


Chinese: Ui Chinese (the resource editor is kernel Chinese)

Since you understand how to use this tool


I don't need a word like me to help you understand the words such as PE, CLR, etc.


This online storage cannot be downloaded using a download tool.

Download it in a browser.


Http:// /? C9letqinayqrfpc8w1tr




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