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Internet advertising has been the heart of Chinese netizens, the good mood of surfing the internet is often distracted by the interest of advertising. And the traditional way of advertising filtering or not comprehensive, or difficult to access, it is difficult to popularize. And just released the 3.0 official version of the tour is a perfect solution to the problem, for users to bring the simple and efficient, but also a powerful advertising filtering system.

In the bottom right corner of 3, we'll see the ad Filter button, which will display the value here after the ads are filtered. Left click on the button to open the Filter menu, filtering function of the switch and filter list are shown here. Because the window filter basically does not need to intervene, here only introduces the manual point selection mode and the rule edits the function.

First, manual selection, easy to filter page ads

Proud Tour 3.0 of the most prominent feature of the advertising filter is simple to use, especially the point selection mode, really do the "WYSIWYG" filter effect.

Click on the Ads Filter button, select "Manual screen page ads." The page is covered by a gray template, and the suspected ad is highlighted. Just click the left button on these ads to easily filter.

After filtering is in effect, the word "This content has been blocked" is displayed on the filtered advertisement.

When you're sure you want to filter the ads, click Finish and you'll see the effect.

Second, editing mode, filtering stubborn ads

Manual point selection Filter is very easy to use, but sometimes it will hit the page ads a lot, or some circular ads. Although it can be filtered clean with multiple-point selection, repeated operations are also a constant process. Proud tour for this special provision of the rules of the editing mode, through the law of advertising can directly shield the same type of advertising, convenient and quick.

Rule writing is not difficult, AO 3.0 supports the wildcards expressions expression, most of the time only one character can be done. Click on the lower right corner of the filter button, select "Edit Site filter Rules" Open the Rule Edit dialog box.

The Filter Rule Edit dialog box will remain in front of the 3 interface, while users can click on the page ads. There are several elements to edit the dialog box:


In the upper-left corner of the dialog box has the current URL domain name, and this dialog box editing rules for this domain name, does not affect the other domain name under the page.

View Filter Log

Check the filter log to see a detailed list of current filter ads, as well as the corresponding rules for easy debugging, modification.

Function button

The bottom row of the dialog box is a feature button that provides common functionality. Click the "Apply" button to apply the current rule; View the original page "can be used to contrast the filter effect;" Complete "button will play the role of closure after application;" Cancel button to discard this modification.

When you enter edit mode and then click the ad and the previous point selection mode has been different, will appear ad address and filtering tips. Users can be prompted to add different levels of filtering, or to add a whitelist and other operations.

Third, the application case

Below we take netease as an example, observe the 3.0 of the advertising filter is as easy to see as the use, strong. First Open NetEase home, select the selection mode filter, completed after the results are as follows:

Although it looks relatively clean, but we look carefully will find some hidden deep ads, such as the right sidebar every switch to a project will have different advertising pictures, if a point of choice will cost a lot of time. This situation can be filtered using the editing rules in the right way.

By editing mode we can find that the ad address that is filtered in the manual point selection mode is "*", and the new ad address is " 007656/100830/7656_178120_100830_2.jpg ". Compare the two, you will find the law: " number" directory for advertising, where we can change the rule to: "*" (where "*" for wildcard characters, Represents any character that conforms to this rule, so that all ads that meet the rules can be filtered effectively.

We can look at the effect by filtering the log:

As you can see from the filter log, two simple rules already cover all of the ads on the page. If the user does not want to do their own analysis, can also be in the forum to provide users with the filtering rules of direct use, very convenient, proud tour also published a guide to the use of advertising filter for your reference.

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