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I. Document Format method this method converts corrupted Word documents to another format, and then converts it back to the Word document format. This is the simplest and most thorough document restoration method. Therefore, we recommend that you use this method in case of confusion. The procedure is as follows: 1. open the damaged document in word, select "File> Save as", and select "RTF format (. and then click Save. And then click "save. 3. Close the RTF document and open the doc document. Mutual conversion between a Word document and an RTF will retain its format. If this conversion does not fix the file, you can try to convert it with other formats, which will retain the format of the Word document to varying degrees. If you use these styles, you can convert them to pure format (.txt) and then convert them back to the Word format. Due to the simplicity of plain text, it is possible to repair the damages, but all format settings of Word documents will be lost. Ii. Format resetting method word uses the last section in the document to mark associated formatting information, especially the formatting information of sections and styles. In this way, if we copy all the content not marked in the last paragraph to the new document, it is possible to leave the corrupted content in the original document. The procedure is as follows: 1. Open the damaged document in word, select Tools → options, and then select the edit tab to cancel the check box before the use smart section to select a range. In this way, when the entire paragraph is selected, word will not automatically select the paragraph tag. Click OK. 2. Select all content not marked in the last section by pressing CTRL + end and pressing CTRL + Shift + home. 3. In the commonly used toolbar, click Copy, new, and paste. 3. Rebuild the template method word stores the default information in the "normal. Dot" template file. If the file is damaged, Word documents may also have problems. To create a new normal template, follow these steps: 1. Disable the opened Word Program . 2. select Start → find → file or folder, and in the Name box, type "normal. dot ", select the partition where word is installed from the" Search "drop-down list, and click" Start search. 3. Right-click "normal. Dot" in the search result list, select "RENAME" in the menu, enter a new name, and click "OK ". 4. Start the word program. Because word cannot recognize the renamed "normal. Dot" file, word can only create a new normal template. After creating a new normal. Dot template, you can try to open the damaged document. If the problem is solved, the old normal template is indeed damaged. In addition, if other templates other than "normal. Dot" are used in your document, try to recreate the template or use an earlier version to solve the problem. The above three methods are not omnipotent. If you cannot recover the damaged document content, you can only recreate some or the entire document. 4. Use the "Repair" method to open the document 1. click "File> open" in word, and locate the file to be repaired in the "open" form; 2. click the arrow next to the Open button and select Open and repair ". Note: This "enable and fix" function is available only after Word 2002. 5. Use the "Recover text from any file" converter to extract text 1. click "Tools> options" and select the "General" tab. 2. select the "Confirm conversion" check box and click "OK". 3. click "File> open" and select "Recover text from any file" in the "open" form "file type" selection box. 4. open the document as normal. Note: The "Recover text from any file" converter can only extract the text information in the corrupted file, and all non-text information will be lost. 6. There are some specialized tools for repairing Word documents, such as Word recovery. After word recovery is installed, a "Recover" command is added to the "file" menu of word. Click this command to repair the Word document.

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