Replace sjf2440 with H-JTAG to write 2410 and 2440flash.

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1. Download the H-JTAG software.


2. Configure the JTAG interface

Now we are basically using the sjf jtag panel. Open the settings-> lpt jtag setting menu of H-JTAG, as shown in the configuration:

3. Detect CPU chips

After configuring the JTAG, use opertaions-> detect target to detect the CPU. Sometimes an error message may pop up (when the Board enters the qopia interface, an error may occur occasionally ), in this case, you only need to manually reset the Development Board and then re-check it. After detecting the CPU, the software will display the CPU architecture, as shown in:

4. Configure the corresponding CPU and flash Parameters

Use the flasher-> Start H-flasher menu to enable Flash burningProgramFirst, open the load menu, pop up the file selection interface, and go to the hfexamples directory under the H-JTAG installation directory, which contains some common CPU and flash configuration files

For my Development Board, select the S3C2440 + k9f1208. HFCs file:

Select the "programming" menu on the left, reset the Development Board, and click the "check" button on the right. The flash and CPU can be correctly detected, for example:

5. Flash burning

Select the file type to be written, the block location of flash, and the page, and finally select the file to be written. For example, I chose to configure the bootloader to be written to S3C2440, click "program" on the right to start flash writing.

The burning speed is basically 7 K/s, which is much faster than the sjf2440 program. After the burning is complete, a prompt will be displayed.

This method is especially suitable for debugging bootloader, which can save a lot of time. My operating system is Windows 7. I think other Windows platforms should also support it.

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