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Whether you're using a Macintosh or a Windows computer, Microsoft Office can take a firm foothold in the world. While this does not mean that everyone will use it, it does suggest that almost all people can find what they need in it. As a result, there are many reasons you want to get a copy of Microsoft Office.

But look at their prices. Few of us are willing to pay 400 of dollars in the Office Standard Edition. Even education editions cost 150 of dollars, especially for students, which is too expensive.

Perhaps your computer's resources are not enough to afford office, and it is notorious for its large amount of memory grabbing. And if you have another computer in your home, and the user only has the occasional need to use the document creation feature, you will not be willing to pay to purchase another Office license.

Whatever the reason, it would be nice if you could get a replacement--the packages are much cheaper than office, and some of them are even free. We're here to introduce 9 winning products, some on Mac, some on PCs, and some on both, to find the best non Office office suite.

The products we study have at least two to three major components of office, word processing tools, worksheet applications, and slide programs. We do not consider the online Office suite, but only the tools that can be installed on your own computer.

Office Alternatives: Mac Articles

In addition to considering price factors, our Mac users also need to face a unique office challenge. After the new Windows version of Office Update is released, we often have to wait for six months or even longer to get the version we have available. Windows Office 2007 is officially on sale this month, and the MAC Office 2008 we're looking for may have to wait until sometime in the fall.

When we wait until the Mac version is released, we can only get part of the functionality. For example, there is now no Mac version of Access or publisher. Even the most important three applications for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are sometimes missing some of their features in the Windows version.

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