Report Predicts possible PS3 launch Delay

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A report published by Merrill Lynch, late last week, says that the PS3 may be delayed until as late as 2007.

The report concludes that Sony's demo-to use cell architecture and the high costs to make the console cocould be possible factors for the delay.

The analysis cited reports that the launch of the PS3 cocould be delayed by between 6 and 12 months, resulting in
An Autumn release in Japan and a late 2006 to early 2007 release in the U. S.

It seems that the cost of BD and cell is really high
Sony did not dare to launch it for a moment
Not as rich as M $.
In addition, xbox360 has set a new record in the Japanese market.
At least Japan is missing from the European and American markets.
In addition, Sony products have always been fashionable.
White and rich
At that time, xbox360 will get tired of buying a PS3.

So, I still admire the mountains ~
This time I am very optimistic about revolution.

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