(Reporter) How to enable ultraedit to support the command output by using the VHDL algorithm? (SOC) (VHDL) (ultraedit)

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The ultraedit UI does not support the VHDL statement. How can we make the ultraedit operator show the mark of the VHDL method?

Step 1:
Modify wordfile.txt

Add the following information to c: \ Program Files \ UltraEdit-32 \ wordfile.txt

/L15 " VHDL " Line comment = -- Nocase string chars =   " File Extensions = vhd VHO
/Delimiters =; () '<>=: +-/* | &
/C1 " VHDL Reserved Words "
ABS access after alias all and architecture array assert attribute
Begin block body buffer Bus
Case component configuration constant
Disconnect downto
Else elsif End Entity exit
File for Function
Generate generic group guarded
If impure in inertial inout is
Label library linkage literal Loop
Map mod
Nand New next nor not null
Of on open or others out
Package port postponed procedure process pure
Range Record Register reject REM report return ROL ror
Select severity signal shared SLA sll sra srl subtype
Then to transport type
Unaffected untis until use
Wait when while
Xnor XOR
/C2 " VHDL attributes "
Active ascending
Delayed driving driving_value
Image instance_name
Last_active last_event last_value left leftof length low
Path_name POS Pred
Reverse_range right rightof rising_edge
Simple_name stable succ
Val Value
/C3 " VHDL stings "
/C4 " VHDL types "
Bit bit_vector Boolean
Signed std_logic std_logic_vector string
Text time
/C5 " VHDL procedures "
File_close file_open
Read Readline
Write writeline

If you want to use other acronyms, you can go to http://www.ultraedit.com/downloads/extras.htmlto download their wordfiles and add them to ultraedit.pdf.

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