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As a part of the company, you may be worried about a wide variety of viruses, Trojans, such as pandatv, flowing through MSN and QQ, as well as the worms that paralyze the company's network through MSN. in other words, we need an enterprise internal collaboration platform to ensure information security and reduce the high risk caused by Internet-based office work. for example, after an earthquake, the Internet is disconnected, and colleagues can no longer communicate via MSN/QQ. naturally, QQ/msn has its purpose, but its main purpose is to communicate with private friends, and many colleagues do not want their own privacy-related QQ/MSN to be known by the company. in this case, it is necessary to build a collaboration platform within the enterprise. this article describes how to build an enterprise's internal collaboration platform by integrating several Java-based open source software, including the knowledge base, internal IM and online web im that can facilitate communication.

The first is the document library and knowledge base. Basically, by installing wiki, such as jspwiki, colleagues can easily edit the same requirement page and design documents together, you can also upload the written documents and add brief instructions. These instructions can be searched through full-text indexing. for more information about jspwiki, see:In tomcat, the simplest method is to allow jspwiki to support Chinese files/attachments without modifying the source code..

The second is the enterprise's internal im. Some people recommend Tencent RTX, but please see: first, its server is a Windows server, and I want to use it on a Linux-like platform; second: commercial software requires money. Third, the client, like QQ, has many security risks and can directly connect QQ friends, which is not conducive to the complete blocking of QQ. Fourth, the transmission protocol is not public, if I want to upgrade my servers to other vendors in the future, it is clearly a dream. here I focus on the server of the jabber protocol, and focus on the Java-based architecture. finally, I saw the open-source servers and clients of jive software (jabber Protocol): Wildfire and spark. Their website isHttp://www.igniterealtime.org/From their homepage, we can see that their next version is about to launch voice chat/conference support. Then I foundWeChat chatIt can solve our web im problem. although spark and Wechat chat do not have a Chinese version of the interface, we can see that they have left resource files waiting for the Chinese version. if you really want to use it, these are not big issues, and it is easy to solve them in Chinese.

This system is very easy to use and has a long history. The server has a management interface that supports file transmission, offline messages, screens, contact searches, personalized portraits, user registration, and password change, create chatroom and so on. they can also be commercially available according to their website license agreement. there are also windows, Linux, and Mac versions, which are built based on Java.

The spark client is easy to install. Download the corresponding version (if you are not familiar with Java, you can directly download the version with JRE). Next, you will be OK. then start it. note that the following IP address is the address of the wildfire Jabber server deployed on the LAN.

Click "Account" on the logon page to register the account.


The server is called Wildfire. The management interface is web-based and supports interfaces in simplified Chinese. it is also easy to install. Download the full version and run next. Note that you must set it before you can start using it. click the launch admin button in the main wildfire window and enter the console. Select Simplified Chinese (zh_cn) as the language. Do not forget to set a password for admin. Select the default hsql Database Engine 1.8.0 as the database, this completes the process. the server has powerful functions, including prohibiting registration and managing users.

Download the client:

Server Download:


Finally, we can build a web version of the Jabber Client on the jspwiki server to support the IE and Firefox browsers. If it is inconvenient for someone to communicate via the client, there is no problem, but some functions, such as file transmission, are not available. jwchat downloads the war version and rename it chat. war, put it in the Tomcat application directory, and then modify the configuration file config. javascript can work, as long as you modify the following lines:

VaR sitename = ""; // change this address to the address of the Jabber server.

VaR defaultconferenceroom = "Talks"; // default chat room name
VaR defaultconferenceserver = "conference."; // default chat room server address

Then typeHttp: // localhost: 8080/chatTo start chatting!

Finally, in the left menu (edit. jsp? Page = leftmenu), such:Http://jabber.mybiz.com: 8080/chat/Then, my colleagues can modify the document and communicate online.

Let's take a look at the final effect:

Are you ready? Kill qq msn now to make communication between colleagues safer and more convenient.

From: http://www.blogjava.net/beansoft/archive/2007/02/03/97760.html

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