(reproduced) session token mechanism

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When using the session token, you must use the STRUTS2 Table tag library, you cannot use HTML to prevent duplicate submissions via session token: When the client requests the page, the server generates a random number from the token tag and places the random number in the session. The random number is then sent to the client, and if the client submits it for the first time, then the browser sends the random number to the server and the server receives the random number and compares it to the random number saved in the session, when the value is the same, and the server considers it the first commit. And will update the server side of this random value, if this time again, the client to the server side of the random number is the previous one, and the server side of the random number has changed, the two different, the server think this thing repeated commit, And then turn to the results page that Invalid.token points to. token.jsp<%@ page language= "java" import= "java.util.*" pageencoding= "Iso-8859-1"%>
<% @taglib prefix = "s" uri= "/struts-tags"%>
<s:form action = "token.action" theme = "Simple" >
Username: <s:textfield name = "username" ></s:textfield><br>
Password:<s:password name = "Password" ></s:password><br>

<s:submit value = "Submit" ></s:submit>

</s:form> </body>
<action name = "token" class = "com.shengsiyuan.struts2.TokenAction" >
<result name = "Success" >/tokenSuccess.jsp</result>
<result name = "Invalid.token" >tokenFail.jsp</result> <!--times is a special case of input.
<interceptor-ref name = "token" ></interceptor-ref>
<interceptor-ref name= "Defaultstack" ></interceptor-ref>
Tokenaction.javapackage Com.shengsiyuan.struts2;import Com.opensymphony.xwork2.actionsupport;public Class Tokenaction extends Actionsupport
Private String username;
private String password;
Public String GetUserName () {
return username;
public void Setusername (String username) {
This.username = Username;
Public String GetPassword () {
return password;
public void SetPassword (String password) {
This.password = password;
Public String Execute () throws Exception {
return SUCCESS;
}tokensuccess.jsp<%@ page language= "java" import= "java.util.*" pageencoding= "Iso-8859-1"%>
<% @taglib prefix = "s" uri = "/struts-tags"%>
Username:<s:property value = "username"/><br>
Password:<s:property value = "Password"/>

Do not submit the form repeatedly

(reproduced) session token mechanism

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