Reset Error? Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Reload System tutorial Detailed

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Reset Error? Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Reload System tutorial Detailed 2015-12-11 15:27:30 Source: It house volley Zebian: volley review:

What happens to Surface Pro 4 system reset error?

What do I do when Surface Pro 4 doesn't start?

How does the Surface Pro 4 tablet re-install the WIN10 system?

When Win10 was just released, many users encountered an error resetting the system after upgrading WINDOWS10. This problem is also possible in Microsoft's own Surface tablet. Today it's home is having problems resetting a surface Pro 4 tablet and resetting the progress card has been unresponsive for a long time in 10%. After a forced reboot, you cannot boot, but you have to choose to reload the system. Share a detailed approach to the surface Pro 4 reload system for your friends to refer to.

The Microsoft Win10 Flat surface Pro 4 Reload System tutorial is detailed:

1, first need to make USB boot disk

You can restore the image from Microsoft Official Download Surface Pro 4, see the Microsoft Release Win10 tablet Surface Pro 4 system Recovery image download.

You can also use the original Microsoft ISO image, from the Win10 TH2 official version of the Microsoft original ISO system image download Daquan (1511) Download Win10 The latest version of the image. This surface Pro 4, which is used by it homes, is pre-installed with the WIN10 Pro, so you need to use a professional version of the image.

After downloading the image can use the Software cube (click here to download) in the USB boot tool to make the disk, as shown in:

▲ Select the USB flash drive and ISO system image file, note that surface flat default boot mode is UEFI, so the USB drive File system must choose FAT32. Click "Start production" and wait.

2. Start Surface Pro 4 from a USB stick

• Turn off surface Pro 4 first, and if it is not properly shut down (boot error), press and hold the power button to close;

• Insert a USB stick;

• Press and hold the "volume minus" button to not move;

• Press the power button (release when pressed);

• Wait for the tablet to start and release the volume minus button when the surface logo appears on the screen;

By following the steps above, you can start the surface Pro 4 tablet from the USB stick as shown in:

3. Installation System

The following installation steps are very simple, depending on the instructions on the screen. During this process, the window font and button size can be very small, the finger operation is very inconvenient, you can use surface keyboard and surface pen to operate. specific setup steps can refer to the most convenient and most flexible! WIN10 TH2 official version of the installation method of U disk detailed.

You can unplug the USB flash drive from the tablet when the tablet is restarted for the first time.

4. Install firmware update

After the system installation is complete, the screen touch is not available and you need to install the surface Pro 4 firmware update. Connect the network, and then check for updates in Windows Update. As shown in the following:

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Reset Error? Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Reload System tutorial Detailed

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