Resolution of incompatible issues with Office 2007 and Office 2010 versions

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Don't say OFFICE07/10 is incompatible! 2 strokes to solve the problem easily

Perhaps a lot of people who have used the new version of Office will say that office 2007/2010 is bad, save the document format, the old version of the can not read, then, if you think so, then you are wrong! To solve the compatibility problem, in fact, very simple! (Veteran can fly, rookie continue!) )

Workaround 1: This method allows you to use any format, DOC,DOCX,PPT,PPTX,XLS,XLSX, etc. in older versions of Office.

What to do: on the old version of Office computers, the patch (download), the patch has already been, this year's January 6 again updated, only 37.2M patch, so that Office 2003,office 2000 and other old version of Office support the new version of the format, of course, Just support reading, if it comes to detailed modifications, this is impossible, or Microsoft will not have to sell the new version of Office. If you have any questions, just look at the FAQ here!

Workaround 2: This method can let you in the new version of the Save, Save as Doc,ppt,xls compatible format, and not Docx,pptx,xls and other new formats!

What to do: When you edit the new document, select the Circle icon in the upper left corner (2010 is a rectangle), choose Save As, and then select the format with "97-2003" in the save type, so that your document can be read and written by the older version of office!

But in case of forgetting to save as, and change to preserve, it is not very troublesome? It's okay, as long as it's easy, the default "save" option is a compatible format.

Specific operations (Excel Beta)--

Click "Files", "Options" in the upper-left corner, locate the Save tab on the left, and then select "97-2003" on the right, "save the file to this format," so that you can save it later, by default it is XLS compatible format, and you want to save as xlsx format, in the "Save as" It's OK to choose Excel Workbook there.

The same applies to Word and powerpoint!

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