Resolve the conflict between BitDefender and tortoisesvn

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I have reinstalled the operating system and bought a set of genuine BitDefender Internet Security 2010.

After installation, it is found that the commonly used tortoisesvn is not working properly.

Previously, BitDefender, like karpasky I used a long time ago, filters and monitors HTTP. For HTTP extensions like SVN, conflicts may occur, making the turtles unable to work normally.

I tried to add tortoiseproc.exe in tortoisesvn to the white list, but the fault still persists.

I searched online and found two methods.

First, after starting in safe mode, delete httpproxy. dll under the BitDefender installation directory, and then there is no httpproxy. The only problem is that once the BitDefender version is upgraded, the httpproxy. dll will be restored and deleted again.


Second, modify the registry and start it in safe mode. Create a reg_multi_sz value under [HKLM] \ [software] \ [BitDefender]. The name is httpappskip. Enter the value in the data that needs to be fooled.Program.


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