Resource limit threshold, limit threshold

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Resource limit threshold, limit threshold

With the increase in hardware and software, SharePoint can store more and more data. A List can store up to items or documents. However, this does not mean that SharePoint can be queried at any scale, which will impose a heavy burden on the server.


SharePoint uses Resource Throttling to limit the query scale. Log on to CentralAdministration as a Farm administrator, go to the Web Application List, select one, and click Resource Throttling on Ribbon:

The new page appears. SharePoint has default values for each item. Although this can be modified, it is not recommended to increase the value, because this will lead to slow query and increase the load of SQL Server.

1. List View Threshold:

If the maximum number of items displayed in a List View is exceeded, no results are returned. The following message is displayed in List Settings:

When the User opens this list, the following prompt is displayed:

2 List View Threshold for Auditors and Administrators

It works the same as the preceding values, except that the number of items returned by Auditors and Administrators is greater. After all, there are not many queries for Administrators and Auditors.

3 List View Lookup Threshold:

The maximum number of lookup columns that a List View can contain. Because the Look up column involves cross-table queries, too many Look Up columns will slow the query. By default, eight SharePoint instances are allowed. Note that the Look Up column, in addition to the standard List Look Up column, also contains the User/Group column, and the Status column of workflow.

4 List Unique Permissions Threshold

The format of items with independent permissions in a list. When querying, You need to perform a permission check to ensure that the user can only see items with permissions. Therefore, if a List contains too many items with independent permissions, the query slows down.

What is the threshold?

Critical Value. For example, if there is a donkey, and the straw is pressed on it, a piece of ground pressure will not be overwhelmed when it is pressed to N, and another piece of pressure will be put down, at this time, the amount of straw on the donkey is the threshold of the donkey.

What is the threshold?

Each resource model defines one or more thresholds. A threshold value is a name attribute of a resource with a default value. You can modify it during the customization phase. Generally, the value specified for the threshold value represents an important reference standard for performance-related entities. If the value exceeds or fails to reach this value, the system administrator may need to understand the situation. However, some thresholds are used as reference values to limit the scope of the resource model. For example, in the Windows Process Resource Model, the following thresholds are used:

Table 1. Example of default threshold values
High CPU usage 60
Maximum number of processes 5

The threshold value "high CPU usage" is used to monitor high CPU usage, which may cause damage to other processes running at the same time. The threshold value is calculated based on the percentage of CPU capacity. The default value is 60%. The "Maximum number of processes" threshold determines that when monitoring high CPU usage, only the first five (default) processes with the highest CPU usage are considered.

In addition, the threshold value can be a minimum value-a certain performance feature cannot be lower than this value. For example, the Windows Logical Disk resource model has a "low disk space volume" threshold and displays the minimum available disk space percentage. The default value is 5%.

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