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  RHCE examination Experience RHCE in each subject before the examination must be signed not in the exam after the release of the Agreement, offenders will be disqualified RHCE, which caused the RHCE archaeological problems achieved difficult, and RHCE high retake rate. On the one hand RHCE exam is not cheap, on the other hand Rhce a day, the spirit of the cost of only the people who have been tested to know. Hope that the following information can be used to prepare a friend for a certain help. 1. The first stage is the focus of the emphasis, a question 25~50 points, as long as the pressure on the back of the wrong question is not ordinary big (think about 240 points to pass), if all right, the general single-choice topic should have 85~90 points, so almost guaranteed clearance. The main difficulty of the first phase is unknown, the host may not be able to boot,root login or can not activate X, and the point of failure may be more than one. Provide a small trick, as long as can not boot with CDROM boot, into the rescue mode, first fsck again, and then the runlevel changed to 1, this is because X may crush. When set, the tool is VI is not vim, the best time to prepare in Vim: setcompatible, familiar with the ancient VI. Most of the topics are not to shellscript part of the exam, do not go into the dead. If the service activation fails, recall the activation process for the service, such as SMB failure, check for NMBD or DNS (if Dnsproxy=yes is set). 2. The second stage is a single choice, read the manual in detail, be careful of the use of Lynx, 80 points should not be a problem, if you want high scores, find some LDI exam K. 3. The third phase of preparation focuses on system installation, network services and the core of the custom system. System installation It is believed that the person to be enrolled should have no problem. Compile the core steps must be familiar with, because the question will be required to re-compile the core boot, therefore, if the compilation failure is equal to the test failure, the proposal in the installation of waiting time, carefully read the examination questions, enter the system, first compile the core, and then open other terminal for setting. Be sure to include the service support of the question request, the exam time is probably only enough to compile two times, be careful to grasp. The preparation of Web services has a key, wide-ranging importance, the exam covers almost all the services, but not too difficult, in addition, the practice of the way, if you want to restrict the user or restrict the workstation access to a certain kind of service. Firewall must be familiar with the ipchains,iptables,squid of a variety of different to spend a little time, sendmail don't spend too much time, can mail on it. New services to be careful, grup,tux integration of APACHE,HTTPS,SSH and Pam takes time. In the X section, you can activate the menu and the application. The Shell script section is basically good, sed, awk,bc,tr are not in the examination. Part of the database is not in the examination. NIS and LDAP heard the exam, but I only test the choice of questions. If the time is limited, howto know the purpose of the instruction can be.


RHCE must read before examination--turn

RHCE's exam direction has been published by many people, but due to the NDA, it is not clear enough to know the details of the test, and the skills required for the exam is the few commonly used services, For RHCE8.0, the younger brother organized a number of directions, the content does not involve confidentiality clauses, but believe that people who have never been tested very useful information:

1.A Diagnostice and Troubleshooting Lab (2.5 hours)
To prepare for this phase, you must understand:
(1) The complete process of system boot.
(2) Error messages for various common services.

2.Miltiple Choice (1 hours)
To prepare for this phase, you must understand:
(1) The relevant name of the various services.
(2) Linux limitations on hardware and software.
(3) English language exchange of professional language.

3. A Server Install and Network Services configuartion Lab (2.5 hours)
To prepare for this phase, you must understand:
(1) Apache,samba,squid,ext3fs Quote,vsftpd,tcp_wrappers,sendmail,ssh,soft raid and so on.
(2) Please set up your Linux server with the needs of a small and medium-sized enterprise.
(3) Understand the difference of various services.

Probably the above problem, the solution as you even younger brother mentioned above can not understand, perhaps you are not ready to face RHCE exam, everyone refueling ~

Off-topic: some careful to share with you, the world of Linux is very broad, no engineer dare to say that proficient in all Linux service, after the test to RHCE believe you will find that this is only a beginning, not the end, to share with you ~


RHCE Examination Experience--Reprint

March 14, I finally got my wish to participate in the Redhat company's RHCE exam, and was held in Beijing for the first RHCE exam.
It is a pity that I failed to be the first RHCE.

All said RHCE exam difficult, one is difficult to test, before only in Shanghai and Guangzhou examinations;
The 6-hour exam is almost entirely a physical competency test. RHCE Global 50% 's adoption rate makes RHCE one of the most valuable certifications available.

I have also participated in a number of similar IT
Certification exams, such as Microsoft's MCSE, MCDBA, Cisco's CCNA, CCNP, and so on, are, in general, similar to these exam styles,
Are randomly generated questions for you in the question bank, which is usually a choice problem. Only CCNA and CCNP have very few exams, usually one or two.
The actual operation of the problem is also done on the simulator, so this is the same as our small to large participation in the examination method is basically similar. But the secondary
This RHCE exam is different from the previous one, and it mainly examines the practical abilities of the trainees. Most exams are required on-machine
The actual configuration, rather than just a few choice questions, is finished. This test style is very similar to what I know about Cisco's CCIE exams, which are
To use one day to complete the exam, by the Examiner on-site questions, deployment of practical problems, by the hands of the students to complete the test requirements. So
I'm not at all at the bottom of the exam this time.

The examination room is located in the Beijing Yinhe's xizhimen teaching department, 9:15 the examinee all arrived at the examination room on time, and our examiner already half hour early arrives
The classroom environment was properly deployed and everyone's seat was set up, and an English exam explanatory material was placed on each table. After everyone sat down, the Examiner
began to explain to us the process of the exam: first, the morning 9:30-12:30 is trouble sheeting, a total of 8 questions, of which
The first 4 questions must be completed within 1 hours, if not completed within 1 hours, the test has failed, and then the 4 questions are completed before 12:30;
12:30 Noon to 1:00 rest, 1:00 to 2:30 do the choice, 50, all are single-choice, after the installation of the 2:30,
And then configure as required, these configurations are divided into two parts: one is the local settings, the other is to set up a variety of network services, each part
All have 8-10 questions, the examination ends 5:00, then 5:00-6:00 the Examiner enigmatic grading. And to send the results to Redhat headquarters for approval,
After about a week, the results will be sent directly to the candidate's personal mailbox.

The overall results are determined as follows: The total score of three parts is required to be above 240 points. That is, the average score of each part is more than 80 points to obtain RHCE
The certificate. If the first 4 questions cannot be completed within 1 hours, the test fails. If the third part of the local configuration and network configuration
The two-part score is less than 70%, and the certificate cannot be obtained. So the whole test can be said to be exhaustive. Basic knowledge, basic configuration, advanced
Application, trouble sheeting all the test. Can say the coverage is very full. There are both basic concepts and theories, and practical operation.
It is a test of "combining theory with practice".

Personally, this is a completely different exam from the one I took. The real test is the practical application ability of the trainees.
Instead of just staying on the problem. Unfortunately I failed to pass the exam, but through this experience, I had a RHCE exam.
A comprehensive knowledge. And I think the certificate is really very gold. So, I decided to try to review and take this exam again.
Try to test your own energy.


Other people's RHCE exam experience 01

RHCE is the most difficult, because in many people's minds, RHCE is the following CCIE after another one of the most difficult to obtain the professional certificate.

Why is it so hard to get it? Of course, to pass the RHCE labtest test part, in addition, the examination fee is also very expensive, every time to participate in the RHCE examination fee for the Hong Kong dollar $5000, equivalent to about 5300 yuan, if one pass is certainly worth happy, but if the failure of the words ... Will pay more expensive to test the second time, especially to rhce the first test pass rate of only 30%, need to test the second time can pass Rhce LabTest, is definitely not a surprising thing. Therefore, I would like to tell you about the RHCE labtest examination process and the skills, I hope to help you to obtain your own RHCE certificate.


Rhce and other MCSE, CCNA and other certificates differ in that it not only uses multiple choice questions to test candidates ' familiarity with redhatlinux, but also requires a one-day internship, including Redhatlinux installation settings and troubleshooting ( Troubleshooting) part. The method of applying for RHCE is a little different from the examination of MCSE and CCNA, and it is not a registration to Prometric or VUE, all RHCE examinations are arranged and co-ordinated by the redhat themselves, and the examination time is also determined by them. Usually RHCE exams are held once to two times a month, and the test location is not fixed. And the test time is 9:30 to 5:30, if you want to test rhce, really want to leave the company.

The entire registration process because RHCE is responsible for registering the registration procedure by Redhat, you first need to download the form on the Redhat website, complete it and fax it to the Hong Kong office of Redhat, and after confirmation they will send you an email informing you about the details of the exam, including the location, Time and so on. You only need to report to the designated test site on the day of the test. Remember when I test Rhce, the day 9:30 to the test, the same time there are six to seven people waiting outside the door, everyone's mood is very tense, from the verbal conversation know that most of the candidates are the first time to take the RHCE exam, we do not know what will happen. At this time, there is a person from the test field, originally he is the Examiner rhcx, he commanded us to enter the trial field, and then arrange each of us sit position, and everyone in front of a computer, and a set of RedHat Linux CD, then looked at the set of RedHat CD, Really a little afraid of it.

The first part of the beginning of the exam is troubleshooting (troubleshooting), this part of a total of four questions, must be completed within 2.5 hours, before the official start, the examiner will distribute a Linuxkickstart disk used as a boot machine, Then send us a test paper and tell us to fill in the paper with the name and other information, the examination will formally begin. Troubleshooting's question is not printed on the test paper, but on the computer, the use of the test paper is only used to complete each topic you, write here about your question of the content, and write your solution to the problem of the method and the process of a brief.

The way to start the first question is to put the kickstart disk in the computer boot machine, and then the computer will automatically download the Redhat installer from the server to the examinee's computer, the whole process does not have much to set up. Everything is ready for the computer to install automatically. Since this installer does not install too many packages on the computer, usually 10-15 minutes can be installed complete computer, after completion can be reboot, but after reboot ... The problem is that the computer does not activate properly into the shell prompt or Xwindow, and the test request is that you can solve the problem and return the computer to normal. In fact, the so-called boot has a problem, the reason is that you in the installation of Redhat Linux process, the server behind has secretly done the hands and feet, so that your computer problems, usually modify the system behind some of the configuration files (configfile) caused by, will make you unable to boot normally. In fact, as long as you know the problem, and then use Redhat Linux CD-ROM to activate the computer, and then enter the Rescuemode, looking for the configuration file correction, then save Andreboot, if the problem has been resolved, it is smooth clearance, of course, after repeated confirmation, Then you can raise your hand to indicate that the examiner will come to you to check your computer, he will re-reboot your computer once, to determine the entire bootup process is not a problem, and can smoothly enter the Xwindows, he will be on the test paper to give points and signed. You can breathe a sigh of relief, but there are still three questions waiting for you to solve. You can then use the Kickstart disk to reactivate the computer, continue to install a "problematic" Linux, continue to solve the next problem.

If you complete all four questions, and you can one by one to solve, congratulations, in this part you can take 100% of the points, but if you only answer three questions, you should be careful, because you have 75 points, and Rhce's total qualified average score must not be lower than 80%, so in this part can be considered below the average score, The only way is to lose 5% points in the remaining two parts. Complete the troubleshooting exam, the time is about 1:00 in the afternoon, it is also lunch time, usually there will be an hour of lunchtime, the examiner will also explain the next part of the test start time. And I'm going to give you a week now, and then we'll talk about the rest of the RHCE two exam parts, the Multiple choice questions (multiple Choice) and the installation settings (Linux Server installation) section.


In this, also will I share this exam experience to everyone, hope to be able to take the exam to provide some help.

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RHCE Exam Experience

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