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Free Ringtone Maker is a super simple ring-making software, make your favorite ringtones only three steps on it, just select a song, cut drag a slider. You can also add some fade in and out of the ringtone effect, very simple, user-friendly to create their own ringtones!

After the installation is complete, start the program, and then enter the main interface of free ringtone maker, where users can see the ringtone maker main interface is very concise, at a glance, even if you are a novice user can easily use free ringtone Maker cut audio files.

Free Ringtone Maker main interface

After entering the free ringtone maker main interface, the user can see the "Choose a Song from my Computer" button in the main interface to select an audio file on my computer, and then click the button to open the Audio Selection window. Select the audio file where you want to make the ringtone, and click OK to add the audio file to the main window.

Select an audio file

When the audio file is added to the free ringtone Maker main window, the user can set the intercepted audio clips by dragging the slider below the audio playback progress bar, click the Play button and try to listen to the effect, but ringtone maker also provides the fade out function for the user, check The Fade in or Fade out button to add a fade effect, and then click the Next button to go to the next step when the setting is complete.

Intercept audio clips

Next go to the Save panel where the user can output the audio file you extracted and click the save ringtone to my Computer button to open the Audio Save window.

Save Panel

Finally, in the Open Audio Output window will you extract the audio clips to save the output you can make the ringtone.

Audio Output Window

Free Ringtone Maker is a complimentary simple ring making software, make their favorite ringtones only three steps on it, the software also supports the addition of fade and fade the ringtone effect; extremely simple, user-friendly to create their own ringtones!

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