Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Do not marry beautiful women

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The husbands of several typical beautiful women are not doing well:

Erqiao's husband died young, Sun ce 26, and Zhou Yu.

Zhang Ji's wife Zou's wife is also a beauty child. As a result, Liu Yi died. Cao slept with Zou's for several nights, and then accompanied the eldest son and love Yao Jia dianwei, there is also a big Wan horse.

Mink Chan is beautiful enough, Dong Zhuo's body is covered with heavy shackles all let Lu Bu stab in the throat, Lu Bu hero gaishi also has to let people die in the white door building.

Yuan Xi's wife, Yao, is also a Yu muscle flower, and Yuan Xi was cut off by Sun kang on the banquet.

The Emperor entered the hands of Cao Yu, and Cao Yu had the king's phase. his luck was naturally better, but he still could not survive.

Or: these positive examples are too common. The following is a novel inverse example:

Who is the best winner of the Three Kingdoms?

Of course it's Zhao Yun. The year is better than the year, and the year is more than seven years old. His most important decision in his life was: in Guiyang, he refused the fan's widow, who was introduced by Zhao fan.

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