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At present, China's ISP mainly telecommunications and netcom two, telecommunications and netcom between the low bandwidth, which led to a lot of problems, the problem of corporate information communications have an impact. The country has a lot of branches of logistics/distribution companies, due to the difference between the southern and northern ISPs, resulting in North users to visit the southern branch of the Web site, the speed is very slow, unable to exchange data. At the same time, because the southern and northern branches use different ISPs, enterprise internal ERP system is difficult to use, and even can not be used.

To address this problem, it is now common practice to use a WAN port router device for short routers. Dual-Wan port routers are built in the telecommunications, Netcom routing, through the application of telecom Netcom each line, and then set up "Telecom to go Telecom, Netcom to go netcom" can make the local network PC can be efficient access to telecommunications, Netcom's site. If combined with the built-in VPN function, more can realize the VPN dial-in subscriber Telecom, Netcom go netcom. As a result, the Vigor router has built a highway between telecom and Netcom. Netcom users through the Netcom line high-speed access to the central router's Netcom line, and then the central router to transfer the request to the telecommunications line issued to reach the destination telecom site. The returned data is then returned in the original way. As a result, since the conversion between the telecom-Netcom in the router LAN, so there is no speed bottleneck, so that the speed of the telecom/Netcom to solve the problem of slow.

WAN Port Router Equipment manufacturers are also more, after buying the equipment, WAN router device settings application attention. The following is a discussion about how to set up a WAN port router to achieve fast access between telecom netcom.

We take the canopy of vigor 2910/2950 as an example, describes how to set up to achieve the rapid access between telecom netcom. Divided into two situations, one is the fulcrum of the Internet needs "telecommunications to go Telecom, Netcom to go netcom" situation, and the branch point more than one computer internet need "Telecom to go Telecom, Netcom to go netcom" situation.

Fulcrum stand-alone Internet/stand-alone need "Telecom to go Telecom, Netcom go Netcom" situation

Single dial into the router VPN, and then through the central router to achieve "Telecom to go Telecom, Netcom to go netcom."
Server-side Setup steps:

1, set Telecom to go Telecom, Netcom go netcom, assuming wan1 for the telecommunications line, wan2 for the Netcom line, the following figure

2. Set VPN dial-in file:

Once the settings are complete, the server-side settings are complete.

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