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EASYNVR Introduction

EASYNVR through simple camera channel configuration, storage configuration, cloud Platform docking configuration, CDN configuration, etc., will monitor the industry inside the HD Network Camera IP Camera, NVR, mobile shooting equipment access to EASYNVR, The EASYNVR is able to collect audio and video data from these video sources to the device side, and carry out full platform terminal live, video storage, video retrieval and video playback. and EASYNVR can send live data of the video source to the third party video platform, CDN Network, and realize the Internet live distribution. Introduction to functional use

For audio requirements can be set by checking the "reserve parameter 1" to the settings: The default no audio, there is a need to check and save the configuration can be;

Not all users need audio features (haha, after all, EASYNVR real core applications not only this), there is a need to configure their own;

Audio-frequency decoding is also required to consume resources; about EASYNVR

EASYNVR can through a simple Network Camera channel configuration, the traditional monitoring industry inside the HD Network Camera IP Camera, NVR and other devices with RTSP protocol output access to the EASYNVR,EASYNVR can be these video source audio and video data to pull, Convert to Rtmp/hls, carry on the whole platform terminal H5 live Broadcast (WEB, Android, IOS), and EASYNVR can send live data of the video source to the third party CDN Network, realize the Internet level live distribution;

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