Sad "Network genius" take the wrong way, a reflection

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Hubei network supervision in Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangxi, Tianjin, Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian, Cloud, new, Henan and other police, the detection of the "Panda incense" virus case, arrested Li June and other 6 suspects. 25-Year-old Li June has been to Beijing, Guangzhou to find it work, especially in favor of network security companies, but have not been successful. In order to vent his dissatisfaction, while holding the purpose of making money, Li June began to write the virus ... "He is a cyber genius." "February 12, Hubei Province Network Supervision Corps experts so described Li June." (related report see Hubei to break Panda burning incense virus case arrested 8 suspects)
It is reported that Li June wrote the virus program-a nod Jing Xiang Dêqên panda, become our countless computer users nightmare memory: Millions of personal users, internet cafes and corporate LAN users suffer from infection and destruction, the loss is difficult to measure, "Rising 2006 safety Report" as the top ten virus, " The 2006 China Mainland region computer virus outbreaks and Internet Security report called "Poison King", the World shocked!

There is no doubt that Li June's bad "poison", "poison", "sell poison" acts of hatred, he ended up a "Choufso", "all the people reviled" and punished by the law, and may even encounter five years in prison, the consequences of the punishment is deserved. But before he would be punished by law, I felt sorry for him. "He is a network genius", Hubei Provincial Network Supervision Corps experts so described Li June is not exaggerated, because Li June did not go to college, and did not have professional training, but according to the program he wrote, he is clearly a network security "wizards."

Unfortunately, such a rare "network genius", when he went to Beijing, Guangzhou and other it large companies to apply for, these companies are "Youyanwuzhu", not only did not find his talent, did not see his extraordinary place, but with a diploma low, did not receive formal professional training and so on, will it shut out. This undoubtedly reflects from a side, now some of our employing units "only Diploma of Hero" concept of employment, the mechanism is abnormal, extremely wrong, it will certainly make them with the real talent missed.

Even more regrettable is that the face of the small setbacks and the fight to find a job, he is aware of his own talent is not persistent waiting, looking for the opportunity to play, but chose to take the risk, chose the extreme way to revenge the society. Too impatient, too quick to profit, good smart mind too bad ... A little bit to stick to a little, next, still afraid to find a very decent, well-paid job? This is a place where I feel so sorry for.

Poor, pathetic, pitiful, odious "network genius", I hope you see this article in this newspaper, you can take a good look at it, "to the hard work of pride, to the indolence of the shame, to obey the law is proud, to lawlessness as a disgrace." Also Yue: "Pull over, repent". Please believe that, by virtue of their own wisdom, rely on honest Labor is completely able to get a good life, why rush, why take the risk to revenge society?

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