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I dreamed of raising a salary, but I didn't open it after more than two years of work. I never felt that my boss would find it to me. But it cannot be opened. Then I thought about it and decided to open my mouth. The boss suddenly called me into the office one day and said you could raise your salary. Ha, you don't have to open your mouth. However, since people have applied for it for you, they have to take it as much as they have. They can't ask for it any more and suddenly become passive. In order to be able to stand actively in the future, I will share my salary increase information with you. Maybe I will use it one day.

1. Establish willingness to raise salary
It is better to put the initiative in your own hands before you rush into the boss's office to raise your salary. You must be clear about the following questions to build your self-confidence and willingness to raise your salary. You can only take action if you have an idea.
1. Do you care about paying?
2. What is the salary you require?
3. How much will the boss add?
4. Why is my salary increase?

2. Collect persuasion Materials

1. Data collection requires days and months
There is nothing to climb to the sky in one step, and the ice is not a day's letter. The persuasion materials for salary increases cannot be collected in one day or two days. After all, I am working every day, more things are done.
(1) Pay attention to accumulation. In addition to the year-end summary report and daily work report, you should also record your contributions to the company in detail and organize them into written materials, fully demonstrate what you have done;
(2) record the additional tasks completed outside of your job and the relevant results, as well as the benefits these tasks bring to the company.
(3) In addition, I recommend a good data collection method (from a famous hotel) or "day-to-day Clearing table". Even if you don't need to settle your account with your boss after autumn, it's a good thing to make your work smooth and make no mistakes.

2. The collected data includes two parts:

(1) your own performance and Performance
Performance and performance include the following:
※Use a specific number to prove your performance or contribution. For example, what projects have you talked about? What are the profits these projects bring to the company? How much cost is reduced for the company? How much has productivity increased? And so on.
※How to make achievements when the company is in trouble. For example, in the case of a serious shortage of manpower, what projects have been completed, and the customer's difficulties have been successfully resolved to safeguard the company's interests.
※Record your additional tasks and occupied time.
※When the workload increases, it may not necessarily mean that you have been entrusted with an important task. Only by proving that you have undertaken extra work in a more efficient and creative way can you concentrate on the workflow, can be used as a bargaining chip for asking for a raise.

(2) salary increase margin-no right to speak without investigation
Talking to the boss about how to grasp the salary increase and offer a proper "price" is the key factor to determine whether the negotiation is successful or not. If the job is too high, the boss will feel that the job is too high to meet his expectations.

Min Junhua, manager of the Compensation Research Department of zizhi Human Resource Management consulting company, believes that the salary increase should be justified first. "In fact, the boss is also very willing to use competitive salary to retain employees. The key is that the data you provide can indeed convince him ." Yan Junhua suggested that employees should make three preparations before talking about salary increases:

(1) first, do some research to understand the wage levels of your industry and position. You can learn from various salary surveys in newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, or inquire about the situation from friends or acquaintances, and finally sort out the salary data for the same position in other companies in the same industry.

(2) identify the collected data. At present, domestic wage surveys still have great limitations. Many so-called salary surveys are restricted by the survey methods, regions, and industries, and their reliability is questionable and can only be used as a reference. Filter the data to ensure that the data shown to the boss can withstand scrutiny.

(3) compare your position and performance with your colleagues to estimate the most appropriate salary increase. The vast majority of foreign companies and some State-owned enterprises adopt an opaque wage system. The "employee manual" also stipulates that they should not inquire about salaries or disclose their salaries. How can I know whether my salary is reasonable? Min Junhua said that employees who have been working for two or three years can roughly calculate their salary positions based on performance awards and housing subsidies, because these are linked to basic wages.
Generally, an enterprise has a standard for employee salary increase. If your proposed salary increase is in line with this standard, the success rate will be greatly increased. It is understood that the salary increase is usually about 15% for ordinary employees and about 5% for senior employees. The salary increase for college students who have just graduated for a year or two can reach 50%.
If you are in a hot position in the hot industry, your staff needs are tight, your market is optimistic, and your salary increase can be appropriately increased. If the company does not agree with the proposed range, you can talk to the boss about whether the compensation can be made in other ways, such as bonuses, vacations, transportation expenses, and so on. If the company's recent performance is poor, it will be more cautious to raise the salary requirement.

Iii. salary increase negotiation
1. Open your door, avoid turning around, and express your wishes clearly. Now that you have decided to raise your mind, don't think about it, hesitate, and express your thoughts in the most direct and clear way.
2. It is best to contact the supervisor to solve the problem. The top boss is one of the people who have the most say in your performance and ability. Talking to him directly can not only better express intentions, but also avoid unnecessary troubles. You know, every leader does not like the report of superior subordinates.
3. In case of rejection of the salary increase request, you can request to convert the salary increase into a career development opportunity. For example, training, transfer to a job that is more suitable for you, or require participation in large projects.
4. If the salary base is high, we 'd better talk about the percentage when talking about salary increases. If the salary is not large, you can talk about the specific amount of salary increase.
5. a salary increase is like talking about a contract. There should be clear and clear agreement items and time in the contract, so that both parties can make informed inquiries. However, many people are often embarrassed to ask, or forget to ask for specific results to their superiors, such as time and number. It is recommended that you say: "I know that the company has difficulties, and I have to consider the needs of my life. I want to know, when can you give me the answer ?"

4. Key points to be remembered
1. the most stupid reason is that "XX does less work than me. Why do you earn more than me ?" Many professionals believe that when talking with the boss about salary increases, we should not compare them with our colleagues. First, spying on others' income violates company regulations, and the employee has already lost after the fight. Second, the boss will think that you only get a salary increase out of jealousy, but will ignore your strength.
2. Don't talk to your boss about your personal problems, such as purchasing a car, buying a house, and supporting your family. You must prove to the company that you deserve a raise, rather than a raise. Your salary increase is the reward you deserve, and you do not need to get it through the sympathy of bloggers.
3. Negative absenteeism for the purpose of treatment is definitely the next strategy. Not only can the goal of salary increase not be fulfilled, but it is dangerous to wait for you to get out. No one will raise the salary level for an employee with no sense of responsibility. Strive to improve your position in the company and make the leaders feel that you are difficult to replace. Otherwise, there will be a lot of people who want to think about it.
4. If you have a salary increase, but you do not have a salary increase appearance, you will always look like a person who is not awake or dressed like a person who can be promoted, you won't be taken into consideration when you get a raise or a promotion. You need to know that "appearance gives people an impression" far exceeds your imagination.
5. Do not take threat measures such as job hopping unless you have already made a better way out for yourself.
6. in case of rejection of the salary increase request, please politely ask the boss what he has not done enough, so that he can gain trust in himself while learning about himself and further explain the task. These tasks are your future work goals and development space.
7. Have the courage to talk openly with the boss. The salary increase may still be a distant dream, but the boss may reduce your workload, at least, let the boss notice that you are doing additional things and let the boss know your name that is always buried in the file heap. You are not just "Linda" or "Lily ", we hope that the boss will find it in his own conscience.
8. My salary is different from that of my colleagues with the same qualifications.

The boss's thoughts:
The salary was negotiated by both parties in advance. Why didn't we complain now?

"Payroll ":
To be honest, there is a high risk factor and a low coefficient of success for this reason.
◆ You can try to raise your salary by 5% first, and increase your salary by 5% after half a year.
◆ Ask the boss to give training and other conditions "disguised salary increase ".

Never say that your colleagues are not doing as well as yourself, or even simply say that they are not doing well.

Example of salary increase application:

*** Long, hello!

With the continuous development of our company, my personal abilities are constantly improving. During this period of common growth, I had feelings for my colleagues in the company, and my colleagues gave me a lot. I would like to thank the company leaders for their cultivation and help.

Here, I do not need to mention how I do my work and how I work attitude. Because you are a direct leader of mine, you should be very familiar with this. You can even get comments from employees.
I believe that as long as you pay, there will be gains. Therefore, I would like to submit a salary increase request to you, hoping that the leadership will pay attention to my application.

If the company leader thinks that my current work content and quality have not met the salary increase requirement, I sincerely hope that you can provide valuable comments or suggestions, let me have a direction and goal for my future efforts. While improving my abilities, I will make my work better and move towards a higher goal.

Please rest assured that, if the company does not consider it, I will do everything in a positive, conscientious and responsible manner as before, so that I will not neglect my work, this is what I need to do.

In this case

Applicant: XXX
Date: 06-10-10

Possible causes of failure include:
I. The time for your salary increase is indeed not reached
2. According to your ability, your industry salary is almost the same
3. I did not select the appropriate time and lead when applying
4. The leaders do not take care of you and feel that your presence does not have much impact on your work.
5. A leader is a ghost and does not know how to get reasonable treatment for employees.
6. Your application is somewhat outrageous. The above example is only a rough reference for steel. You should test your questions based on the above considerations and factors such as your company's culture and leadership personality, even half the power!
The premise of salary increase should be able to do a good job for individuals, be able to love and respect jobs, and have a sense of belonging to the company ......

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