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In doing SEO, if we can do to their competitors salute, and learn, then the road will be able to walk a lot more spacious. Although you can despise each other strategically, in specific tactics, the more humble you are, the more you know how to learn from your competitors, not only is it absolutely helpful to your work, but it can also make your growth a great improvement, because sometimes the salute to your opponents does not mean that you bow down to each other. But you praise the opponent outstanding performance at the same time, urge you to continuously improve their actual combat ability.

Let's take a look at one of the following specific cases to see how we learn from our opponents:

 Find the reason for the gap between competitors!


(The above picture is our competitor's collection quantity, altogether 124,000, among them many reviews the page, the aggregation page)


(pictured above is our collection of k nets, so far only 5,450, of which 99% are original posts in the station)

I believe that the comparison of the above pictures of friends, are able to clearly know that we are now Amoy K nets and competitors in Baidu weight is a certain gap, the opponent is the weight of 4, and we are the weight of 3.

The opponent's collection page is very many, in addition to some of the industry articles, more is the use of the comments page and the form of aggregated pages to accumulate articles, the advantage is that you can continue to update the station at the same time, the use of these comments page and aggregate pages brought by the amount of the collection to form a certain weight, Then for the promotion of a new business online will be more than half the effort, with less strength can quickly improve those who have the effect of the keyword ranking, then from the consumer's KTV booking phone will be more, naturally can form money-making effect!

Learn about the settings for your opponents page

We Amoy K nets competitors, not only from the same industry from the KTV booking site competition, but also from the group buy and comment on the competition of the network, so we need to understand the specific situation of these competitors, to see the success of others where, why will be successful? So that we can find out the problem.

Through the company SEO Zhen Handsome Man's careful research, he found that the competitor's comments page has a very good optimization settings, and also let the author understand that the original can be this way to increase Baidu's included pages, the following figure:


Through the above figure, we should be able to understand a situation, that is, when we search "box KTV how" this long tail word, the first in the auction bar appears is our K-net promotion link, and then there is a comment on the network and our direct competitor's comments site.

If I were a consumer, how would I choose? is the choice of Amoy K net link, or choose the following two links? In fact, usually will choose to see, to understand, because search this "box KTV how" friend is want to understand the needs, will search this keyword, then nature will not easily miss the opportunity, But more time will choose to comment on the network of those, after all, others are clearly stated "comments" two words!

Then, let us look at that famous comments on the page is how to set up, first of all we do SEO must pay attention to the title and description, the following figure:


When we read the title above, we should be able to understand clearly, as long as these comments page contains enough words, then when we search, even if we search "box ktv how, Box KTV good ..." Such keywords, can use fuzzy matching to achieve search results, The rankings will also be very good.

Next, let's take a look at the inner pages of this famous comment site, as shown below:



Through the above figure, we should understand that in fact, this page of all reviews are not many, only 113, that is, about two pages, but already is "box KTV how" this long tail word search first, this is because the site itself is high weight, as long as appropriate to include a certain amount of page, it will naturally get very good rankings.

So in the same way, let's look at the site map of the direct competitor of Amoy K NET, as follows:


Through this map, we can clearly understand that the competitor site's title setting is also the same as the title of the famous comment site more consistent.



Through the above page map, we can know that the comments here is only 107, a total of 8 pages, you can row in the "box KTV how" this long tail word search second place.

So by comparing the pages above, let's make it clear that in fact, as long as the use of these comments page, can be a continuous increase in the number of pages included in the site, after all, now go to KTV karaoke friends, there will be a kind of or vent, or recommend the mentality, reviews page so that they can get a and other consumer communication channels, At the same time, these spontaneous comments on the behavior, will make the site included page situation can be steadily improved, and the most critical point is that the review page will have a large browsing needs, then the page bounce rate will naturally be reduced, after all, consumers are very like to see the consumption of others, only determined to spend, in such cases, Baidu weight Natural constantly increase, those who have the effect of the key word ranking will be more and more good!

So, sometimes when doing SEO, we may as well learn to pay tribute to competitors, and then humbly to learn from them, to the last upgrade or their own, after all, the best means of competition is to strive to match, and then surpass each other, step, slowly Beyond and conquer!

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