Samba server with Telnet ssh

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Deepin Installing and configuring the Samba server
Installing Apt-get Install Samba
Create a user (requires a directory that already exists in the system)
Create a passwd file touch/etc/samba/smbpasswd
SMBPASSWD-A username

To edit a configuration file:
Configuration information is modified as follows
Workgroup = Workgroup (workgroup)
Server string =%h Server
NetBIOS name = Deepin (host name)

#======================= Share Definitions =======================
[ShareFile] (The name that appears in Windows)
Comment = Share directory description
Path =/home/deepin/program paths
Valid users = Deepin Samba user
Public = yes
writeable = yes
browseable = yes
Read Only = no
Also need to configure shared files as readable writable chmod 777/home/deepin/program
Restart Samba Service
/etc/init.d/samba restart
Then enter the IP address of \\linux in Windows
Complete the setup and configuration of Samba

Linux telnet (using SSH)
Installation 1. Install the SSH server on the server you want to log on to
#apt-get Install Openssh-server
2. Start Ssh-server
#/etc/init.d/ssh Start (or restart)
Do not need to be configured
Then use the SECURECRT software on your Windows PC
Create a new SSH2 protocol next enter the IP address of Linux in hostname next, login with the Linux username and password

Debian set up samba and SSH services boot from boot

Since the Debian series Linux does not have chkconfig to configure the boot-up service

Installing Apt-get Install sysv-rc-conf

#sysv-rc-conf SMB on

#sysc-rc-conf ssh on


SECURECRT does not display Chinese

Select option-and session options in SECURECRT and select appearance

Modify character encoding (character encoding) to UTF-8

In the font above, select Arial in the normal font

Samba server with Telnet ssh

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