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Samsung Storage has brought me a lot of good products over the years, with the popularization of solid-state drives, which makes our PCs more high-speed, Samsung solid-state drives launch new products every year and upgrade their models, from 830, 840, 850 to 950, Samsung continues to launch new products this year, and models become 960 !! The models are 960 pro and 960 EVO, and two products are more robust, and the capacity is increased to a maximum of 2TB.

The box is not exactly the same as on behalf of 950, although the same black box, but on the model, the product has a key red line callout. The author gets the product 2TB 960PRO.

960 Pro was born out of Samsung's enterprise-class SM961, with a new Polaris (Polaris) master, a 48-layer 3D MLC Flash particle +SLC Cache particle (which provides intelligent accelerated write capability), with capacity designed for 512GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Read-write aspect, continuous read 3500 MB/s, write 2100 mb/s,4k randomly read 440k ioPS, write 360k ioPS, so this is currently the fastest SSD in consumption.

960 PRO uses the PCIe gen.3 X4 channel interface to support NVME specifications for efficient use of high-speed PCIe bus, optimizing hardware and software configurations and taking full advantage of NVMe SSD technology. They also use the Samsung dynamic thermal protection technology to manage device temperatures at extreme workloads.

This 960 PRO has adopted more technology and innovation than previous SSDs, is designed specifically for users looking for smaller, faster storage solutions that provide higher bandwidth and lower latency, allowing them to quickly handle large amounts of data on ultra-thin notebooks and PCs, all content in games and oversized file transfers, 4K video rendering, More tasks such as data analysis.

Samsung V-nand Technology and unique packaging design makes 960 pro high-density possible, making 960 pro the largest solid-state drive in the m.2 NVMe SSD today. The 2TB 960 PRO offers a five-year limited warranty with 2TB SSD maximum data writes up to 1200TB.

Samsung 960 SSD delivers industry-leading performance, capacity, and durability experience, in addition, Samsung also introduced a new generation of magician software, users can use the upgraded functional interface to control various SSD settings, including management firmware updates.


Package also comes with a manual.

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