Samsung mobile phone I9500 How to properly install micro SIM card

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1.Nano SIM cards and Micro SIM cards are two different types of cards, please do not insert the IPhone5-supported Nano SIM card into the Micro SIM card slot of Samsung mobile phone, the problem is caused by man-made reasons, and repair is not provided in accordance with the repair regulations.
2. Do not insert the Micro SD card into the Micro SIM card slot, otherwise, the memory card will be stuck in the SIM card slot, you need to go to Samsung repair Center to take card. The problems caused by this are man-made and are not provided under the repair regulations.
Samsung mobile phone I9500 install Micro SIM card method, please follow these steps:
1. Remove the rear cover of the mobile phone.
1 when demolition, please be careful to avoid damage to your nails.
2 Do not bend or twist the back cover to avoid damaging the rear cover.
2. Remove cell phone battery.
3. Insert the Golden Contact point of the Micro SIM card into the SIM card slot. (Hint: Please note the card in the direction of cards, do not insert the reverse, also do not force too hard, so as to avoid the SIM card groove inside the pin damage and lead to unrecognized.) )
4. Put in the battery.
5. Cover the back of the phone.

Okay, the above is small series for you to introduce an article about Samsung mobile phone I9500 correctly installed micro SIM card operation process, I hope that the following can help friends, interested can come in to see it.

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