Samsung S4 I9502 no signal how to solve?

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Without any action, there's no signal.

: When your phone is running too long, there may be no signal.

Restarting the phone may solve the problem, as follows:

Long press "Power" key, choose "Restart Mobile phone" can.

is the SIM card slot properly inserted?

: If you do not insert the SIM card correctly, the phone will appear without signal.

Samsung mobile phone gt-i9502 use Micro SIM card, Micro SIM card is smaller than the standard SIM card, such as your mobile phone card is a standard SIM card, we recommend that you go to the business hall to cut cards. ( How to insert a SIM card, click here)
The machine card 1 slots support Unicom 3G business, Unicom 2G business, mobile 2G business, card 2 slot support Unicom 2G business, mobile 2G business.

Note: The Nano SIM card and the Micro SIM card are two different types of cards, please do not insert the IPhone5 supported nano SIM card into the S4 Micro SIM card slot, the problem caused by the man-made reasons, in accordance with the repair regulations, do not repair. Do not insert a storage card into a miniature SIM card slot. Otherwise, the memory card will be stuck in the SIM card slot, this is man-made cause, in accordance with the repair regulations, do not repair.

SIM card is too long to use or there is a foreign body on the SIM to cause no signal

: SIM card reading is to pass through its metal contact point, if the metal contact point contact bad will produce no signal phenomenon.

Use cotton cloth to wipe the metal contact point of the SIM card and then turn on; If the SIM card is too long, it is recommended that you insert a newer card to determine whether the metal contact point of the SIM card is aging, and if so, we recommend that you change the card to the business hall.

did you accidentally close the SIM card's network

: If you turn off the network option for the SIM card, there is no signal.

1. Under the Standby page, click the application.
2. Click "Set".
3. Click "Connect" and select "SIM card Manager".
4. Select the card without signal, here to "wcdma/gsm" (that is, card 1 slots) as an example, check "enable".

Current network signal is unstable

: You are currently in the position or the current time period network signal is not stable, so there is no signal.

1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".
2. Click "Set".
3. Click "Connect" and select "More Networks".
4. Click on "Mobile network".
5. Select the SIM card without signal, here take "family" card as an example, click "Network Operator".
6. Click "Search Network".
7. Select your SIM card corresponding to the network operator, here with "the MOBILE (2G)" as an example. (Note: If the SIM card does not appear in the corresponding network operators, we recommend that you move to a stronger signal location or another time to search again)
When you're done, your phone will signal.

No signal caused by third party software

: Because Android is an open system, when installing Third-party software, some third party software will modify its system settings, so it may cause no signal.

We recommend that you back up your mobile phone data (phone book, SMS messages, multimedia materials, etc.), the phone will be restored to the factory setting

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