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First of all, I do not want to introduce a lot of fi/co specific knowledge points, I would like to first talk about their relationship.

As we all know, SAP embodies an enterprise advanced management thought, SAP itself is a highly integrated and standardized system, and FI/CO is in the core position of SAP system, to learn SAP function Module, we must first learn fi/co; he embodies the SAP Concept The original designer's model; however, many of our consultants do not understand the rationale and employment situation, not yet understand the purpose and thinking of the designer, blindly engaged in mm,sd,pp and other modules, which will directly affect our understanding of the SAP system mastery.

At the same time, if you want to learn co first must learn FI,FI is the foundation of Co, no fi no CO, because the business data is through the outside, through the fabric of the beautiful coat to the outside world, and then flow to the Co, according to the actual needs of enterprises to carry out different needs; Fi is generally targeted externally, such as balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit distribution table ... These are the external interests related to the requirements of a unified enterprise information, and Co is the enterprise according to their own management needs, the different levels of analysis, including cost center, profit center, profitability analysis ...

Fi mainly includes General ledger, Accounts receivable, account payable, bank accounting, fixed assets, special purpose ledger, fund management, travel management;

Co is at the core of the core, SAP is to meet the needs of enterprise management, and co is to meet such needs, business information such as MM,SD,PP Enterprises into the enterprise, and then through the fi, into the deep processing of co-operation of the enterprise's overall process of financial management information, And on the basis of extensive analysis and decision-making, CO embodies the management of the idea, its original designers, is from cost Element accounting to cost Center accounting to internal Order Accounting until profit Center Accounting, she concentrated on the design concept of the German people.

So plan to study SAP FI/CO consultants, before studying co first to learn fi, and this one must first understand fi gl,ap,ar;

It is hoped that such an understanding will help you learn.

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