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Inserting a few suitable pictures in a Word document makes the traditional boring document lively, so it is "illustrated". But sometimes, these images embedded in the document, but not so obedient, so that we do not want to move. Is there any way to save these images embedded in Word?

1. Extract embedded Image

In order to print conveniently, the photos embedded in the Word document, until the need to take to the printing of the worry: How to get out?

Positive solution: Pictures inserted in a Word document in the form of "embedded object", the traditional "copy and paste Dafa", but not the use of document fragments. In fact, the copy is correct, just paste the wrong place. The correct way to do this is to open the graphics editing software, such as the simplest "storyboard" tool, and then paste it and save it as a new picture. (Figure 1)

Figure 1
: If a document contains a lot of pictures, it would be troublesome to button them up. In fact, there is a more convenient way. Here, for example, Microsoft Office Word 2007 shows that other versions of Word are similar and have slightly different operations.

Click the Office button to activate the File menu and select Save As-other formats, and in the Save As dialog box that pops up, select page or filtered pages to save. (Figure 2)

Figure 2
then in the location of the save page, we can find a "document name. Files" folder, open a look, the original document in the pictures are obediently lying here.

2. The picture format skillfully transforms

Inserted in the document of the image is BMP format, is not able to convert to JPG, to achieve the effect of thin body?

Positive solution: Use the above guide to the Web page to get all the pictures, and then convert the format, and then insert the line.

The challenge: to face the many pictures in the document, the operation is a bit complicated. In fact, the picture in the document does not need to be extracted after the conversion, word itself has a picture format conversion function.

Right-click the picture on the document and select Cut. Then on the Start tab, locate the Clipboard group, click the Drop-down arrow for paste, and select paste selective.

In the pop-up dialog box, we can choose a variety of graphic formats, to determine the completion of the large graphics conversion. (Figure 3)

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