Scala-----------001-scala Development environment Construction and HelloWorld analysis

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001-scala Development environment Construction and HelloWorld parsing

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 001- Scala development Environment Building and HelloWorld parsing. png "alt=" wkiom1wd1vgx30hbaast-s83wfu734.jpg "/>scalafunctional programming and object-oriented languagefunctional Programming excels at numerical calculationsObject oriented organization and teamwork of large engineering and projectScalawill it be the next great language?? Sparkis to useScalalanguage written byHadoopis to useJavalanguage written bymove one finger less .ScalaDevelopment Environmentbased onJvmthe operating environmentneed to installJavaRecommended7or8versionNote Select the number of digits to match and the system'sJavaConfiguring environment VariablesJava_homepathadded inBinCatalogueCLASS_PATHdt.jartools.jar current directoryScalasparksupported versions are required2.10.x2.10.4*.msiConfiguring environment VariablesScala_homepathadded inBinCatalogueTestOpenCmdCommand Prompt,View versionJava-versionscalaidearecommended use of thisBig Data development is done on this is particularly goodIntegratedSbt,mavenespecially easy to share and packEclipseBeginner Essentialshas been automatically integrated withScalaPluginsHELLOWORLDprogramautomatically import related packagesLibEstablishObjectscalastatic object of the classThe default is staticcan automatically prompt the codePassing ParametersRun configurationarguments (Parameters)using the EnhancedForLoopsvariables do not need to be declared

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Scala-----------001-scala Development environment Construction and HelloWorld analysis

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