Scratch2.0-Mom Dancing

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Scratch2.0 Example-Mom dancing

"Teaching objectives"

1, imitate the production of Mother Dance works, and share to the Internet.

2, through the production process, understand the scratch2.0 interface.

3, focus on understanding the role, modeling the two links, script execution.

"Teaching Hours"



0 Basic students and parents

"Teaching emphases and difficulties"

The focus of teaching is to demonstrate the production process of Mother dance, the difficulty is the understanding of the script.       

"Teaching methods and means"

Demonstration Method, practice method

"Teaching Preparation"

Teaching Courseware

"Teaching Process"

First, create a situation, lead to the theme

Speaker: Today I will create a work, think: At the ball, mother happy to dance with the music.


Speaker: Do you want to make it into an animation and give it to mommy? Now let's see how to make

Second, analysis and production, sharing

Prerequisite: The Scratch2.0 Offline editor has been downloaded; if no installation or registration tutorial is given

1, analysis of the subject, selection of materials

Speaker: Let's analyze the method of analyzing Chinese sentences. The ball is the stage background, the big environment, the mother is the protagonist, dances is the movement, the music is a kind of sound.


Speaker: Based on analysis, find material. I use the library of scratch to demonstrate. (Find the material you want to use)


2, online creation of scratch works

Speaker: Next Productions


Speaker: Open the Scratch2.0 Offline editor and complete the production and save according to the analysis steps.


Speaker: finished, upload it online to share the conversation.

3, summary, practice tips

Iii. Summary

1, through the production of Mother dance, a simple understanding of the scratch boundary device interface.

2, focus on the relationship between the role of the mother and modeling, the understanding of the script: The script is understood as the steps to do things.

3, experience the creative process: the selection of topics, analysis, preparation of material is very important, if you do the first two work, the production is simple point (focus on using Scratch2.0 tools).

Four, practice a practice

1, try to create their own dance works.

Tip: You can use the role Library-category-character---Ballerina to create your own dance works.

"Reflections on Teaching"

Scratch2.0-Mom Dancing

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