Screening host hosting companies from top ten elements

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Screening host hosting companies from top ten elements

Use this list to make a more fair and comprehensive comparison between hosting data center providers.

If you are sure that the host hosting business direction is correct, the next step is to select the appropriate vendor. This list can help identify potential partners.

The decision to migrate to a host hosting facility becomes easier. It is difficult to select the right hosting facility. This list can help data center experts select to meet their needs and avoid problems.

Taking into account the scope of investment and the complexity of mobile devices, a thorough review is necessary prior to the decision. Host hosting companies have varying levels of support, redundancy, reliability, and monitoring functions.

Hosting data center facilities

You have witnessed the glory of host hosting facilities. The review host hosting provider should be careful, however, because it is often vulnerable to functional interference from the current facility. Is the host hosting data center large enough to accommodate not only your development, but also other customers that the supplier expects? If not, what does this mean to you? Do you need two facilities to spread your platform in the future?

Facility Security

The device belongs to you. You do not want anyone without authorization to access your device. Host hosting companies must thoroughly check all users using the facility. Ask a potential supplier whether his staff will record all the running status of the device. Does the supplier have a policy to forcibly stop any form of tail (one person follows the other to enter the door? Does each compartment contain equipment from the ground to the ceiling?

Do not forget the exterior of the building. Can we avoid armed attacks? Does the data center have a window or only a path?

Information Security

You need to know whether the host hosting supplier has been certified for evaluation, such as ISO 27001. Know how a company manages its own data. Carefully understand and request the process of handling customer information, view the employee's review process, especially the staff who directly process your assets.

Power Supply

The density of data center devices increases rapidly. In the next five years, your IT team may need 2 KW of the power per device or each configuration. Is the host hosting supplier capable of providing? If not, what measures will he take to cope with potential demand increments?

Backup power supply is another factor to consider. You need to obtain the backup power instruction from a potential supplier. Does it have a modular approach to help new auxiliary generators be added or replaced as needed? For any data center supplier, power outages may occur at any time, so you should verify how long it will take to run the complete test of the Failover plan.

Cooling Problems

If possible, you want to use a low-energy-cooled host hosting device. Even in some regions with relatively stable energy prices, prices may fluctuate. Therefore, free air, heat insulation, or other low-energy methods will become better investments.

Environment Monitoring

Most hosting service providers provide fire monitoring, which will trigger gas-based suppression systems. However, vendors that can provide a complete warning system are undoubtedly better choices. They rely on infrared sensors to identify emerging hot spots and VESDA (smoke detection) systems, moisture monitoring and vibration monitoring. This setting allows suppliers to actively take actions to identify problems affecting device performance, or, worse, force close all devices.


DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) has become increasingly popular in recent years. In a host hosting facility, you can install your own system management tools to monitor and manage what IT devices are doing. However, you cannot know what is happening around you. "Noisy neighbors" may reduce network performance, and high-density systems may cause power problems. Host hosting providers can use good DCIM functions as environment supervisors to closely monitor the overall performance of devices and recommend how to better implement and run devices when necessary.

Network Access

Make sure that the device uses multiple network providers that terminate facilities in different regions. If the networks all come from the same underground pipeline, it doesn't matter if there are 10 different vendors.

Platform flexibility

There are also all the requirements for power backup, look at the flexibility of a local vendor to provide the platform. Can IT operate on your IT devices or host servers across multiple devices? These are useful because they allow to reflect the system and implement subsequent failover without the need to withstand the huge impact of initiating a disaster recovery plan.

Overall matching degree

You may already be able to hook up all the other requirements on this list, but if you don't get along with those who provide the device, you will never be happy. You can check account management at any time. If you know what you need, you can contact them directly. Chat with employees to see how happy they are and how long they have been working with suppliers.

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