Scripting Eight: The Ping tool monitors multiple hosts simultaneously (running in the background and displaying)

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function: monitor multiple hosts in real time through ping work

implementation: multi-process background running, and sub-region display

use: to monitor the host as a parameter


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Code area:

#/bin/bash#  ly#  ------------------#  copyright 2016.04.14   lingyi  ([email protected])  QQ:1519952564#   "Monitor hosts by batch  ping in the background "all_sum=0 success_sum=0failed_sum=0failed_percent=0pids_arry= () signs_arry= () ips_arry= ([email protected]) line_start=5# show interval (rows) line_interval=1# background run function, Implement ping and print statistics in the specified area exec_func () {local stop_exec=falsetrap  ' stop_exec=true '  $3while !   $stop _exec; doping -c 1 -w 2 $1 &>/dev/null &&   (( success_sum+=1 ))  | |   (( failed_sum+=1 )) (( all_sum+=1 )) failed_percent=$ ( echo  "scale=2;${ failed_sum}/${all_sum}*100 " | bc ) echo -ne " \033[$2;1h "printf "      %-16s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-10s " $1  $all _sum  $success _sum  $failed _sum " ${failed _percent}% "usleep 1$ ((random%5)) 00000done} #捕捉信号 (general Ctrl + C), and ignore trap  '   '  2# hide mouse tput  civisclearprintf  "\n\t\t%s\n"   ' ping monitor [  "Q" &NBSP;TO&NBSP;EXIT&NBSP;!&NBSP;]  printf  "%57s\n"   '   '  | tr  '   '   ' = ' printf  '      %-16s%-10s%-10s%-10s%-10s\n " ip sum suc fail perc# cycle monitoring host, and record the process number of the background process, So that it is forbidden to run for (( index=0; index<${#ips_arry [@]}; index++ )) after the run is finished;  dosign=$ ((random%20+ ) (( line_start+=line_interval )) exec_func ${ips_arry[index]}  $line _start  $sign  &pids_arry= ( ${pids_arry[@]} $! ) signs_arry= ( ${signs_arry[@]}  $sign  ) usleep $ ((random%5+6)) 00000done# receive user run through "q" key   Terminate script while :; doread -s -n 1  user_inputif [[  $user _input ==  ' Q '  ]]; thenfor  ((index=0; index <${#ips_arry [@]}; index++ )) Dokill  -${signs_arry[index]} ${pids_arry[index]} &>/dev/nulldonetput cnormsleep  1echo -ne  "\033[$line _start;1h" Echoexitfidone

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Scripting Eight: The Ping tool monitors multiple hosts simultaneously (running in the background and displaying)

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