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Related Libraries :

TAR-ZXVF scrot-0.8.tar.gz
CD scrot-0.8
There are the following errors:
Checking for giblib-version >= 1.2.3 ... No
The Giblib-config script installed by Giblib could isn't be found
If Giblib was installed in PREFIX, make sure Prefix/bin are in
Your path, or set the GIBLIB_CONFIG environment variable to the
Full path to Giblib-config.
Configure:error:Cannot find Giblib:is Giblib-config in the path?

According to the prompt error, install Giblib:
TAR-ZVXF giblib-1.2.4.tar.gz
CD giblib-1.2.4

Have the following error:Checking for imlib2-version >= 1.0.0 ... No
The Imlib2-config script installed by IMLIB2 could isn't be found
If Imlib2 was installed in PREFIX, make sure Prefix/bin are in
Your path, or set the IMLIB2_CONFIG environment variable to the
Full path to Imlib2-config.
Configure:error:Cannot find Imlib2:is Imlib2-config in the path?

According to the prompt error, install IMLIB2:
Tar zxvf imlib2-1.4.2.tar.gz
CD imlib2-1.4.2

Make Install

export Path=/soft/scrot/bin: $PATH
CD giblib-1.2.4
Make & make install

CD scrot-0.8
Make & make install


However, an error occurred while running Scrot:
[Email protected] bin]$./scrot
./scrot:error while loading shared open Shared object file:no such file or directory

But there is this file, with the Find command found under/soft/scrot/lib
Use the following command:
echo "/soft/scrot/lib" >>/etc/
Ldconfig (update

You can also do this:
[Email protected] server]$ cat/etc/

I found the LD.SO.CONF.D folder below, referring to one of the files, wrote a
Scrot.conf, the contents are as follows:
This is a good tool to run Scrot!

Related parameters:

    1. Crawl Desktop: Scrot desktop.png, this command fetches the current entire desktop and saves it as a desktop.png file. This image file can be found in the current directory.
    2. Grab window: scrot-bs window.png, option B allows Scrot to grab the outer frame when the window is crawled, while the S option lets the user choose what window to crawl.
    3. Crawl area: Scrot-s rectangle.png, after this command is executed, the rectangular area dragged by the mouse is Scrot crawled down.

Advanced use

For the normal crawl use Scrot the foundation is enough to cope with. However, in some special cases, using Scrot to grab images requires some skill.

    1. Delay Crawl: SCROT-CD menu.png, the D option in this command is used to delay the capture of the image, followed by 10 for 10 seconds delay, the preceding option C shows the countdown. This technique will fully demonstrate its magic when crawling menus or command prompts.
    2. Generate thumbnails: scrot-t 50% thumb.png, this command generates thumbnails of the image while capturing the image. The option T will turn on this feature, followed by 50% as the scale percentage of the original.
    3. Change quality: Scrot-q quality.jpg, the Q option in this command is used to change the quality of the captured image, which has a value between 1-100 and defaults to 75. The higher the value, the higher the image quality, and the lower the compression rate of the image, the larger the space occupied.
    4. Action screenshot: Scrot action.png-e ' mv $f ~/images/', which moves the captured image to the ~/images/directory. Obviously, the function of manipulating the image is turned on by the E option, where the $f represents the path/file name of the original.
Here is a convenient script, placed under the/usr/local/bin, a convenient place to build a shortcut, a click to enter the state
# Note the following "+" sign should be followed by%y. (I didn't notice this before, hey, I haven't cut anything for a while.
/soft/scrot/bin/scrot-s/home/user name/picture/' date-d yesterday
+%y-%m-%d-%h-%m-%s '. jpgHttp:// Linux also has software. Scrot. You can also capture screenshots and mouse interception.
As long as there is no problem with the Yum source, the direct yum install Scrot will be ready.
Scrot in the terminal can be intercepted, the picture is saved in the current directory.
Scrot-s the mouse to intercept the screen.
You can create a new file, type the following, you can double-click to take a screenshot.
Scrot-s-E ' mv $f ~/screenshots/' Downloads/scrot-0.8.tar.gz


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