Scrum Agile Practice Tour Series (i) User story concept

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Agile development requirements for demand planning is very high, the first demand is scattered, a large project needs will be broken down into a number of small functional complete requirements, in order to prioritize to achieve one by one, agile development to improve the efficiency of development, but the requirements of higher demand planning, is the demand for product planning capabilities put forward higher requirements, Must have a clear thinking, strong demand planning ability, so as to ensure that agile development can follow the established assumptions to achieve the design of the product.

Agile development is through the "User story" of the east to achieve the traditional software development said demand.

First, what is the user story?

A user story is a text description that defines what the user needs, and simply says it is the user's need. A good user story consists of three elements:
1. Role: Who wants to use this feature.
2. Activity: What functions need to be completed.
3. Business value: Why this feature is needed and what value this feature brings.

Ii. Description of User Stories

There are two ways to describe a user story, and the user can choose one of the following:

    • As a < user role, I need < function to achieve < business value >
    • To achieve the value of < business, as a < user role, I need < features >

As a "webmaster", I want to "count how many people visit my site every day", so that "my sponsor knows what my website will do for them." ”


User stories cannot be described in a technical language, and are described using a business language that the user can understand.

Iii. Association of User stories with tasks, tests, and other objects

Each user story is associated with multiple development tasks, changes, defects (bugs), test cases, and Test history.

1. Associating with tasks

User stories are implemented through tasks. The actual development work is more trivial than the user story. In fact, each story is a collection of multiple tasks. Breaking the story down into multiple tasks, arranging for people, accomplishing all the tasks, means realizing the user story.

2. Association with changes

Agile development is to encourage everyone to "embrace change", each time the user story changes are recorded, associated with the corresponding user story, so as to facilitate the entire team to understand the context of user stories, reduce duplication of labor.

3. Associating with test cases

Each user story development needs to be tested, and the test engineer should write one or more test cases for the user story.

4. Relevance to Test history

Record what tests the user story went through, the results of the test, and how it was handled.

5. Association with defects (bugs)

Record the defects of the user story and see how the defects are handled.

This is the first to write here, the next to continue the user story of the acceptance criteria and user story writing principles of writing, beginners at first, welcome to come to shoot bricks.

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Scrum Agile Practice Tour Series (i) User story concept

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