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Large and small for the current network promotion activities, There's a fundamental thing to be aware of. Media is just an advertising carrier, and the Internet is actually different from the media, he is a more convenient marketing tool, he needs us to rely more on their own strength and thinking to develop the use of him, rather than choose to buy and put on the harvest. This is equivalent to buying a billboard, we need to devote more effort to consider this Ads on what content, and we chose a network advertising, we can easily update the content of the advertising itself, more, we have to consider how to use our own web site to do more things to match and take advantage of this advertisement to bring the flow into a lucrative profit.

If the enterprise in the network media work to do a time classification, I think is 20% choice media, and we have to invest 80% of the energy to do our internal work. Let our network behavior get more benefits. How to improve the internal work after choosing the network media? Here we from the current hottest medium and small-sized Enterprises Network Marketing approach keyword search For example, in-depth discussion under how to understand the use of such keyword ads and how to cooperate with online advertising to carry out internal work.

One, keyword promotion of advertising media: hand-to-hand combat battlefield

We have to say that the keywords and search engine advertising method itself is very scientific and effective. He is sure to bring potential users to the business. Pay by effect mechanism is also very reasonable, give the enterprise a good evaluation of their investment, income ratio platform. Companies can adjust prices at any time. But there are some things we must understand, in recent years, flowers, air tickets are the most crazy to buy the industry, especially air tickets, performances, etc. (05 there is a keyword agent said: This year the key words on the ticketing industry). Of course, buying madness is not necessarily bad, as long as the value of the purchase. But, in fact, many companies buy seemingly very cheap keywords, in fact, the cost of paying is very large. Here are the problems in the following areas:

1, Price: We set up a single click price over the bottom of the line is not superior. So many people can not find me. Not reconciled to the psychological, let me have to raise prices, because there is no detection of the relative blindly increase the cost of a single click, and this price increases, let us kill 10,000, cut 8,000.

2, the same competitive features: keyword search engine advertising media has a more significant characteristics: He is a lot of similar enterprises of the same kind of service is absolutely concentrated display, hand-to-hand combat place. Therefore, we must be a little separate clicks and sales to consider, imagine, a user intends to buy tickets, he entered the "ticket" after the search, will certainly open more than one ticket website, and, he will be a simple comparison. Finally, either choose the cheapest place to call to buy a ticket, either, if the price service is similar, will randomly select a company contact, this random, let us browse to the conversion rate of sales has become lower-do not take for granted how many clicks on how many sales, I suggest everyone to do the survey and statistical analysis And get the ratio of clicks to sales. Of course, we also have to adjust our prices, especially for competitors to adjust the content of our linked pages, so that open a few pages of customers can increase the chance to choose us.

3, detection and evaluation: if we through statistics, 50 clicks only once to buy the ticket behavior, and 1 clicks 1 yuan, then we sell a piece of cost is 50 yuan. And if we have a ticket of only 30 yuan profit. Are we putting in more expensive? This needs to look at the type of user we bring. Through the search engine and keyword users, there is a class of low quality user group "multivariable users", such users do not have brand loyalty, at any time to inquire the lowest price and best service. Enterprise Services are the highest cost for such users. And it's hard to turn them into highly loyal users. If you click for this type of user, there is no possibility of automatic return, then we must think about whether the cost of such advertising is too high.

Of course, users who search through search engines also have a very valuable user base: The first user to enjoy a certain type of service, he is the easiest to convert into a loyal user of a business. It would be great if we could get a lot of these users and lure them into loyal users through our service.

"Hand-to-hand combat," This is from the media position, and from the customer purchase time, here is a purchase after the preparation period of the purchase behavior decision period; In such advertising media, in addition to the launch, due to similar competitors are concentrated in the embodiment of the customer purchase behavior is urgent, It takes a lot of effort to compete for victory. Therefore, the need for business owners to set up with the competition in the difference between the greater effort; that is, in how to display from the Web page to the actual service to make their own characteristics, complete the following three jobs:

1, potential customers in the open N sites, 15-30 seconds to choose to call your phone instead of contacting your competitors-mainly to see your Web form and information content how to impress him

2, as well as potential customers contact with you how to promote sales-telephone service personnel quality

3, if the potential customers to sign a loyalty customer--enterprise service quality and characteristics

How to do it. The simple description is as follows:

Performance: It is best for Baidu such a production of a portal page, the page to the atmosphere, affinity, professional, let people feel a look on the trustworthy, a look to understand, the focus embodies the company's most moving customers that point, do not look at a pile of text, no one to see.

Content: Content is to reflect the company's advantages and service differentiation. It needs to be developed by the company against the user or competitor.

Services: Recommend the introduction of interactive marketing, such as Beijing Le Yi Tong Technology Development Co., Ltd. after the personal communication Entertainment terminal Sayhi, Recently launched a business services for the interactive voice Network marketing clothing baical (, the product by providing a small button for the enterprise, so that enterprises can be convenient to their own design or byte placed on the home page, promotional pages on the activity, BAIDU, Google and other key words connected to the page, online advertising pictures, corporate e-mail messages, so that the enterprise Information Network visitors, through the click button, can establish voice interaction with the enterprise sales, detailed consultation related product information, at the same time let enterprise professionals dig into consumer information, to achieve one-to-one service marketing.

Through the establishment of a new customer service image and convenient customer interaction tools, so that the site into an interactive booth, so that customers more trust and convenient access to services, greatly improve the chance of turnover.

I write this purpose is to arouse everyone to do the internal work consciousness, do not think that put the key word to close the door and so on the result or directly said that the advertisement effect is good or bad. With consciousness, will go to do something, as long as there is harvest!

Second, the site content planning: Small capital of loyal user base accumulation

By improving the image of the enterprise, improving the brand, perfecting the service and perfecting the membership system, the large enterprises can improve their users ' psychological satisfaction and enhance their user loyalty. In fact, before doing offline business people are very clear, loyal user library accumulation is a very important job. And, loyalty is not a big brand to do things, a friend of mine and I said that ten years ago when he was in the air ticket business, sometimes, the cost of 10 yuan of oil plus half a day of time, to give people a ticket to earn only 5 yuan, but in the end they have become loyal users of their company, 10 years to choose their services. And the user base is relatively stable. These loyal users have been able to support a ticketing company.

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