Secret Gartner magic quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing (1)

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Secret Gartner magic quadrant for Data Center Outsourcing (1)

The server's profit drops by double digits each year, which has exceeded the rapidly growing number of data center clients. This trend led to a loss of $2014 for the world's largest Data Center Outsourcing and infrastructure utilities provider in North America in 1.2 billion.

This year, the global market and the North American market are expected to achieve revenue of US $79.2 billion and US $29.8 billion respectively. This year, the overall market growth is only 1% to 3%, data Center Outsourcing sales will drop by 3% to 4%, and infrastructure utilities will increase by 11% to 14%, as external management needs for internal deployment of private cloud environments continue to grow.

Gartner's magic quadrant for outsourcing of data centers in North America and public infrastructure services evaluated the large host management services and centralized server environments of 21 IT companies. According to Gartner's analysis, the following describes in detail how the magic quadrant is generated.


Gartner's magic quadrant evaluates service providers based on two sets of standards: the results of successful delivery today and the future of execution; service operation model, increased strategic plans and service improvement capabilities (vision integrity ).

Five of the 21 companies are evaluated by Gartner as leaders, which means they have a clear vision and development capabilities for the direction of the market to maintain their leading position. Two of them are far-sighted, which means they have a clear target for the market, but they need to increase the penetration of the North American market.

Nine companies are listed as challengers, which means they are doing well, but lack a definition of the market vision. Five providers are defined as special players, which means they only focus on a specific service or have a limited proportion in the North American market.



Despite a 5.8% drop in global IT service revenue, IBM continues to position itself as the biggest competitor in the entire cloud and traditional environment.

Gartner estimates that the mega host management giant, located in AMAC, New York, will earn $3 billion in revenue in this field, among the 2015 solution providers selected by CRN in 500, it ranked first in global service practices.

In 2014, IBM said it would invest more than $26 billion in big data and analysis, and continue to invest in its cognitive computing product Watson, which would be as much as $1 billion. IBM said it is expected to increase revenue from data, cloud, and participation systems from $2014 in 25 million to $40 billion.



Advantage: IBM says it will gradually stay away from business models that simply provide technical and management services, but focus on helping individual customers solve business problems. In this way, IBM is actively avoiding commercialization in the market. The customer also praised IBM for its willingness to switch to a hosted service model for factors such as its size, relationship management, and willingness.

Note: Gartner estimates that IBM's strategic outsourcing business lost $2014 in 1 billion, and said the company had to review its strategic plan, expand the ecosystem influence of its partners and manage the relationships between their SoftLayer cloud and other cloud products similar to AWS or Azure used by clients. Client reports show that IBM lacks automation, responsiveness, and cost competitiveness under certain conditions.



According to Gartner's data, in 2014, HP's revenue for Data Center Outsourcing and infrastructure utilities fell by 5%.

The company, located in Palo Alto, Calif., ranked 2015 among the 500 solution providers selected by CRN in 3rd, it has over 30 data centers in North America and 78000 physical servers.

HP has 490 infrastructure utilities and cloud-based customers worldwide, with approximately 35% in North America.

According to Gartner, Data Center Outsourcing and infrastructure public services are an important part of HP's global IT outsourcing business of $14 billion.


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