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February 16, 2006 in the first host domain Name service provider registered two domain names, a year down also peaceful. January 2007, the domain name will expire, will renew two domain name for one year, completes successfully. March April, the COM domain name to increase the price of a COM domain name before the renewal of five years, but also successfully completed. June 2007 have some money, also want to put that CN domain name also renew five years, so few years also need not remember the domain name thing.

June 27, 2007 on this matter, the CN domain name above has been confessed, the first registration on February 16, 2006, the lease period from February 16, 2006 to February 16, 2007. The second registration date is on January 1, 2007 and the lease period is from February 16, 2007 to February 16, 2008. This time I intend to renew this CN domain name 5 years, according to five years after the lease period should be February 16, 2008 to February 16, 2013. June 27, 2007 Online Banking 245 Yuan to the first host to deal with the smooth, the first host system also made a response, showing the author of this CN domain name opened February 16, 2006, the expiration date is February 16, 2013. At that time I breathed a sigh of relief, that a few years do not have to worry about this domain name.

Our vast number of webmasters are very trust in the domain name service providers, think of a few years, the domain Name service provider to help us renew a few years. The author also thinks so, what others say is also a big company, the work flow is certain consummation, the service personnel must be earnest. On the other people's website black and white shows the author this domain expiration date is February 16, 2013.

A few days to do nothing, to go online, a inattentive to the million network, you know million network has a domain name information query function, you can display COM and CN domain name of the detailed registration information, including domain name owner, domain name registration period and the owner's contact number. In order to test whether this function is accurate and timely, the author just renewed the five-year CN domain name input check. Results feedback, million network said I this domain name expires in 2011-02-16 09:09. The author immediately very angry, million nets you how so inaccurate? To know the author of this domain expiration date is February 16, 2013 Ah! So I think million nets also can not believe, went straight to China Internet Network Information Center website, to verify million network errors. In China Internet Network Information Center website input domain name and verification code, the results show that the author of this CN domain expiration date of 2011-02-16 09:09.

The author is more puzzled, someone else in the first host clearly shows the expiration date is February 16, 2013. Then landing the first host site, People's Web site Black-and-white display of this domain name expires in February 16, 2013. Come up with a problem. To submit the first host of the Customer Service center recommended complaints to solve it! The date of submission was June 29, 2007 20:06:31, the night of Friday. Results no one back, on the site provided by a one-stop customer Service Commissioner (Vivien QQ number: 160295) Contact, people are online, I sent a problem in the past, did not want to scare off the line, a few days, but leave a message let people have empty reply. Depressed very much, no matter customer Service Commissioner QQ or website customer Service center suggestion complaint, three days did not answer. Until 11:50:08 July 2, 2007, customer Service Commissioner Vivien only reply, customer service staff asked me, I said in AH. I thought I hope the family like three days, waiting for you to appear, straight poor with decided not to meet you. People's customer service a check said, reply said yes, the division shows that February 16, 2013 expired. There is no way to have to the China Internet Network Information Center website and million network query data sent to him. Customer service reply said call to Agent superior inquiries, and then help me handle.

July 4, 2007 a query sweat, someone else do it, domain name increased by one year to February 16, 2012, incredibly still a year. Contact customer service Again, people just said back to the author's first host 53878 account. I do not agree, the customer service to make up a year's time limit. Customer Service said CN domain name can be renewed for up to five years, and the author plus the last renewals have six years, can not handle.

Helpless, had to accept a refund. But the author requests to return to the personal bank account or personal payment treasure, but customer service does not agree, said there are processes. I'll take a look at the refund process for the first mainframe,

30 days unconditional Refund: Your space products If the purchase time does not exceed 30 days, you do not have any reason, can be in our sales service department for refund procedures, the following is the refund process.

Step 1: The customer must submit a refund application, which must indicate their own membership number, refund account number and remittance to the company's account number and bank

Step 2: If the customer is the bank to pay, please attach the bill when the bill, if it is ipay please provide ipay payment serial number

Step 3: Must be accompanied by proof, such as: individual please provide a personal registration number when the ID card to fill in the corresponding ID card copy, the company provides the company's business license, must be affixed with the official seal.

Step 4: If the above information is normal, we will be within five to 30 business days to review and refund to the user.

Do not indicate whether the information submitted can be submitted by e-mail, it is estimated that the Post Office letter to submit applications for refund, remittance documents, copies of the ID card and so on. Sent to 10 days, plus the first host audit, an estimated two months to handle not down.

I think, this incident is not our fault, is the first host has been in error, why the author to bear this complicated formalities. The author and customer service to their superiors to respond to the situation and to the author for a refund. But it wants me to directly contact with its senior executives, I do not have time and senior executives to repeat the matter again, ask customer service to the author and his chat record directly submitted to senior executives to solve.

But in fact, by July 21, 2007, the incident has been 18 days, still did not help me solve, did not reply, did not apologize.

This is a domain Name service provider How to disregard the user's process, of course, this company does not go long!

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