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vs code generation Tools ReSharper provides a rich range of shortcuts that can greatly improve your development efficiency. When you first start Visual Studio after installing ReSharper, a dialog box named ReSharper Keyboard scheme appears, as shown in:

After you select one of the three options available in the dialog box, you can configure individual keyboard shortcuts.

Configure a single keyboard shortcut

1. On the main menu, select Tools | Options

2. Select environment in the Navigation view | Keyboard

3. In the list of commands, select the name of the command that launches ReSharper. Browse the list to view or edit keyboard shortcuts for specific actions for ReSharper.

Switch between keyboard shortcuts or revert to the default state of the currently selected scenario

1. On the main menu, select ReSharper | Options

2. Choose Environment | Keyboard and Menus

3. On the Keyboard and Menus tab, select Visual Studio, ReSharper 2.x or IntelliJ idea or None, click Apply Scheme. If you choose None, you can define any set of custom shortcut keys in the Local Options menu in Visual Studio (Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard).

Complete list of shortcut keys

Code Analysis

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ Idea/resharper 2.x)
Toggle code Analysis in the current file Ctrl+shift+alt+8 Ctrl+shift+alt+8
Go to Next code issue (error, warning or suggestion) Alt+pgdn F12
Go to previous code issue (error, warning or suggestion) Alt+pgup Shift+f12
Go to next error Shift+alt+pgdn Alt+f12
Go to next error in solution Shift+alt+pgdn Alt+f12
Go to previous error Shift+alt+pgup Shift+alt+f12
Go to previous error in solution Shift+alt+pgup Shift+alt+f12
Inspect this Ctrl+shift+alt+a Ctrl+shift+alt+a
View type hierarchy Ctrl+e,h Ctrl+alt+h
Inspection Results window Ctrl+alt+v Ctrl+alt+v

Coding Assistance (Coding assistance)

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ Idea/resharper 2.x)
Show Action list Ctrl+r,w Ctrl+r,w
Paste multiple Ctrl+shift+v
Code cleanup Ctrl+e,c Ctrl+alt+f
Silent Code Cleanup Ctrl+e,f Ctrl+shift+alt+f
Symbol Code Completion Ctrl+space Ctrl+space
Smart Code Completion Ctrl+alt+space Ctrl+shift+space
Import symbol Completion Shift+alt+space Ctrl+alt+space
Complete statement Ctrl+shift+enter Ctrl+shift+enter
Parameter Information Ctrl+shift+space Ctrl+p
Quick Documentation Ctrl+shift+f1 Ctrl+q
Insert Live Template Ctrl+e,l Ctrl+j
Surround with Template Ctrl+e,u Ctrl+alt+j
Create file from template Ctrl+alt+insert Ctrl+alt+insert
Generate Code Alt+insert Alt+insert
Move code up Ctrl+shift+alt+up Ctrl+shift+alt+up
Move Code down Ctrl+shift+alt+down Ctrl+shift+alt+down
Move Code Left Ctrl+shift+alt+left Ctrl+shift+alt+left
Move Code Right Ctrl+shift+alt+right Ctrl+shift+alt+right
Extend selection Ctrl+alt+right Ctrl+w
Shrink selection Ctrl+alt+left Ctrl+shift+w
Select containing declaration ctrl+shift+[ ctrl+shift+[
Duplicate a line or selection Ctrl+d Ctrl+d
Comment with Line Comment ctrl+alt+/ ctrl+/
Comment with Block Comment ctrl+shift+/ ctrl+shift+/

Navigating and searching (Navigation and search)

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ Idea/resharper 2.x)
Go to type Ctrl+t CTRL + N
Go to File Ctrl+shift+t Ctrl+shift+n
Go to file member Alt+\ Ctrl+f12
Go to Symbol Shift+alt+t Ctrl+shift+alt+n
Navigate to ALT + ' Ctrl+shift+g
Go to type of symbol Ctrl+shift+f11 Ctrl+shift+t
Go to Declaration F12 Ctrl+b
Go to implementation Ctrl+f12 Ctrl+shift+alt+b
Go to base symbols Alt+home Ctrl+u
Go to derived symbols Alt+end Ctrl+alt+b
Go to Usage Shift+alt+f12 Ctrl+alt+f7
Go to containing declaration ctrl+[ ctrl+[
Go to next Member/tag Alt+down Alt+down
Go to previous Member/tag Alt+up Alt+up
Find usages Shift+f12 Alt+f7
Find Usages (Advanced) Ctrl+shift+alt+f12 Shift+alt+f7
Highlight Usages in file Shift+alt+f11 Ctrl+shift+f7
Go to previous usage Ctrl+alt+pgup Ctrl+alt+up
Go to next usage Ctrl+alt+pgdn Ctrl+alt+down
Remove highlighting of usages Esc Esc
View Recent Files CTRL +, Ctrl+e
View Recent edits ctrl+shift+, Ctrl+shift+alt+backspace
Go to previous edit Ctrl+shift+backspace Ctrl+shift+backspace
Go to related files Ctrl+alt+f7 Ctrl+shift+alt+g
View bookmarks CTRL + ' CTRL + '
Go to a numbered bookmark Ctrl+[numeric Key] Ctrl+[numeric Key]
Set/remove a numbered bookmark Ctrl+shift+[numeric Key] Ctrl+shift+[numeric Key]
Find Results window Ctrl+alt+f12 Ctrl+alt+u
File structure Ctrl+alt+f Ctrl+f11
To-do items Ctrl+alt+d
Stack Trace Explorer Ctrl+e,t Ctrl+shift+e
Locate in Solution Explorer Shift+alt+l Shift+alt+l
Analyze references Shift+alt+y Shift+alt+y

Refactoring (refactorings)

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ Idea/resharper 2.x)
Refactor this Ctrl+shift+r Ctrl+shift+r
Rename Ctrl+r,r F2 or Shift+f6
Move Ctrl+r,o F6
Safe Delete Ctrl+r,d or Alt+del Alt+del
Extract method Ctrl+r,m Ctrl+alt+m
Introduce variable Ctrl+r,v Ctrl+alt+v
Introduce field Ctrl+r,f Ctrl+alt+d
Introduce parameter Ctrl+r,p Ctrl+alt+p
Inline Variable/method/field Ctrl+r,i Ctrl+alt+n
Encapsulate Field Ctrl+r,e Ctrl+r,e
Change signature Ctrl+r,s Ctrl+f6

Unit Test (Units testing)

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ Idea/resharper 2.x)
Run Unit Tests Ctrl+u,r Ctrl+t,r
Debug Unit Tests Ctrl+u,d Ctrl+t,d
Run all tests in solution Ctrl+u,l Ctrl+t,l
Run Current Test session Ctrl+u,y Ctrl+t,y
Repeat Previous Test run Ctrl+u,y Ctrl+t,y
Append to test session Ctrl+u,a Ctrl+t,a
Create New test session Ctrl+u,n Ctrl+t,n
Unit Test Explorer Ctrl+alt+u Ctrl+alt+t
Unit Test Sessions Ctrl+alt+t Ctrl+alt+r

Tools window (tool windows)

Command Shortcut
(Visual Studio)
(IntelliJ Idea/resharper 2.x)
File structure Ctrl+alt+f Ctrl+f11
Find Results window Ctrl+alt+f12 Ctrl+alt+u
Hierarchies window Ctrl+alt+h
Inspection Results window Ctrl+alt+v Ctrl+alt+v
Stack Trace Explorer Ctrl+e,t Ctrl+shift+e
Templates Explorer window Alt+r,p Alt+r,p
To-do items Ctrl+alt+d
Unit Test Explorer Ctrl+alt+u Ctrl+alt+t
Unit Test Sessions Ctrl+alt+t Ctrl+alt+r
Close Recent Tool Ctrl+shift+f4 Ctrl+shift+f4
Activate Recent Tool Ctrl+alt+backspace Ctrl+alt+backspace

Select ReSharper Shortcuts Scheme

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